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9 Advanced Poses To Level-Up Your At-Home Yoga Practice

From compass to crow, these nine postures are a great addition to any practice.

#yoga #mbgmindfulmovement
Pilin Anice
August 23 2020

How This Trippy Breathing Technique Is Used To Explore The Subconscious

One editor shares her experience on the mat.

#breath #yoga #stress #anxiety
Emma Loewe
August 21 2020

More Research Shows Yoga Can Ease Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder

As if we needed more proof yoga can benefit the brain.

#yoga #anxiety #news
Abby Moore
August 12 2020

This Simple Yet Effective Exercise That Targets Your Arms, Legs & Core

Your triceps are going to feel this one.

#yoga #flexibility
Sarah Regan
August 8 2020

The Best Type Of Yoga To Try If You're A Beginner + How To Get Started

Everything you need to know about the practice.

Colette Coleman
July 29 2020

6 Simple & Effective Core Stability Exercises You Can Do At Home

These moves target your deep core, for a stronger center.

#pilates #yoga
Lia Bartha
July 27 2020

The One Yoga Pose You'll Want In Your Routine For A Strong Core

A strong core is the foundation of so many exercises.

#yoga #chakras #breath
Sarah Regan
July 25 2020

One Thing That Can Make Yoga More Effective For Easing Lower Back Pain

The best thing you can do when using yoga to improve lower back pain.

#news #yoga #pain
Eliza Sullivan
July 16 2020

Here's What The Om Symbol Really Means & How To Use It

A whole lot of meaning packed into one simple sound.

#yoga #empowerment
Sarah Regan
July 14 2020

9 Spiritual Symbols & How To Incorporate Them Into Your Practice Respectfully

You may have noticed a few common symbols at your local studio.

#yoga #chakras
Sarah Regan
July 14 2020

This Challenging Yoga Technique Fires Up The Abs & Digestion

Some experienced yogis swear by Nauli for mental, physical, and spiritual strength.

#yoga #breath #digestion
Lily Silverton
July 1 2020
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Stretching For WFH Recovery: Poses To Release Mind & Body

All you need is yourself, your work, and an organic mattress for support!

#partner #organic #sleep #yoga
Meg Phillips
July 1 2020

This Mindful Exercise Is Similar To Yoga & It's Good For The Planet

Similar to yoga, surfing takes strength, skill, and self-reflection.

#climate change #yoga #breath #mbgpodcast
Jason Wachob
June 28 2020

What Engaging Your Core Really Means + How To Know If You're Doing It

For anyone who wasn't quite sure.

#pilates #barre #yoga
Abby Moore
June 17 2020

40+ Black Thought Leaders With So Much Spiritual Wisdom To Share

Exclusivity in spirituality is anything but spiritual.

#yoga #empowerment #mbgmindfulmovement
Sarah Regan
June 15 2020

How Restorative Yoga Can Help With Trauma Recovery + 9 Poses To Try

From the upcoming book Restorative Yoga for Ethnic and Race-Based Stress and Trauma

#yoga #breath

11 Best Workout Shorts To Keep You Cool & Comfortable This Summer

Add these sweat-wicking shorts to your wardrobe.

#yoga #running
Kristine Thomason
June 13 2020