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We Removed The Word "Miscarriage" From Our Site — Let Us Explain Why

Going forward, we'll use language that is more inclusive and empathetic.

mbg editorial
May 14

What Does It Mean To Be Pregnant In A Dream? Asking For A Friend...

Dreams can be a fascinating and informative peek into our subconscious.

Sarah Regan
November 26 2020

8 Stretches & Exercises To Help Manage Lower-Body Pain From Pregnancy

How to alleviate common pregnancy pains from the comfort of home.

Abby Moore
August 6 2020

An OB/GYN On The Maternal Health Disparities Black Women Face

Black maternal lives matter, and Black babies matter, too.

Abby Moore
June 27 2020

I Gave Birth In A Pandemic: Here's What I Learned During My Pregnancy

"Nothing prepares you for motherhood like motherhood, and nothing prepares you for a pandemic other than being in one."

Pregnant During COVID-19? Here's What Doulas Want You To Know

"We never know the exact path, so we can only focus on how we move through it."

Ashley Spivak
April 7 2020

This Veggie Could Help Reduce Blood Pressure In Pregnant Women

High blood pressure is bad for many reasons, but when it affects someone who is pregnant, the consequences can be even worse.

Christina Coughlin
February 19 2020