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7 Things The Parents Of Mentally Strong Kids Never Do

Sometimes, what you don't do is more important than what you do.

#motherhood #brain #healthy aging

I'm A Neuroscientist: Why We Need To Talk About The Gender Gap In Youth Sports

A neuroscientist explains why this can be so damaging to brain health.

#brain #motherhood #body positivity

The Best Resolutions To Make As A Family (Expert-Approved!)

Ahead, psychotherapist Annette Nuñez, Ph.D., LMFT, offers parents some guidance on helping kids make New Year’s resolutions — and keeping them. 

#pro parenting #motherhood
Sharon Brandwein
January 1

PSA To Parents Who Struggle With Self-Care: You'll Want To Read This

Self-care in 2023 is becoming another thing "to do."

#parenthetical #motherhood
Lia Avellino, LCSW
December 4 2023

A Therapist Says This About Why Mothers Often Feel Like Martyrs

Many moms have become modern martyrs: parents who sacrifice their resources against their own self-interests and say no to their own needs.

#parenthetical #motherhood
Lia Avellino, LCSW
November 6 2023

The Postpartum Depression Pill Is Here — But We Need To Talk About Prevention

A topic we cannot continue to ignore.

#pregnancy #depression #motherhood
Hannah Frye
October 30 2023

I'm A Doula & These Are The 3 Things I Tell Every Mom In Postpartum

We tapped doula extraordinaire Brandi Jordan. Brandi has been a birth doula for 35 families and a postpartum doula for 1,500 new moms. With that much...

#pro parenting #motherhood
Sharon Brandwein
October 16 2023

What Is The "Mother Wound"? Why Should We Reexamine This Concept

Navigating your mother wound (or patriarchal wound) and how it shows up with your kids, according to a psychotherapist and mother.

#motherhood #parenthetical
Lia Avellino, LCSW
October 2 2023

Actress Ashley Greene Opens Up About Mental Health & Motherhood

Actress Ashely Greene's first panic attack not so coincidentally lined up with her first magazine cover photo shoot.

#clean beauty school #motherhood #stress #anxiety #confidence
Alexandra Engler
September 19 2023

Kids Ready To Start Packing Their Own Lunches? Here's How From An RD

Letting your kids take the reins regarding what they eat is important to helping them develop a healthy relationship with food.

#pro parenting #Nutrients #functional nutrition #motherhood
Sharon Brandwein
September 18 2023

Lies I Was Told About Meeting My Kids' Needs & What I Did About It

In today's installment of Parenthetical, Lia Avellino debunks myths parents are often told about meeting their child's needs.

#motherhood #parenthetical
Lia Avellino, LCSW
September 4 2023

Parents, Try This Calming 2-Minute Practice Next Time Your Kids Drive You Crazy

A pediatric neurologist explains what makes it so effective.

#motherhood #breath #Heart
Jorina Elbers, MD
August 9 2023

This Editor-Approved Shoe Brand Just Launched A Kids Line & We Can’t Get Over These Styles

These eco-friendly children's shoes are bound to sell out quickly.

#back to school #motherhood
Carleigh Ferrante
August 6 2023

This Ancient Framework Can Help Your Kids Be More Resilient & Self-Aware

Here's how to teach it in an age-appropriate way.

#motherhood #Ayurveda #yoga #breath

Mom Guilt Is Real — A Therapist On How To Manage It

Mom guilt, defined as the feeling many parents experience about not being "good enough," is real. Here's how a therapist deals with it.

#parenthetical #motherhood #confidence
Lia Avellino, LCSW
August 3 2023

Why It's OK (& Actually Very Normal!) To Grieve Your Former Self As A Parent

In our launch of the mbg parenting column Parenthetical, Lia Avellino explains how to acknowledge your former self when you become a parent: how to...

#motherhood #single parent #parenthetical
Lia Avellino, LCSW
July 17 2023

I'm A Model, Podcast Host & Content Creator — How I Care For Myself

"Say less, do more." 

#skin care #clean beauty school #healthy aging #motherhood
Alexandra Engler
July 11 2023

The $14 Balm That New Mom & Actress Rumer Willis Swears By

Here, what sustained Rumer Willis through her pregnancy and journey to becoming a new mom.

#As Of Late #skin care #motherhood #hair #makeup
Alexandra Engler
June 13 2023

I'm An MD & This Routine Helps Me Get Deep Sleep (Even With Young Kids)

My relationship with sleep has really come full circle.

#The Wind Down #sleep #motherhood
Valerie Cacho, MD
May 17 2023

What A Sleep Doctor Does At 9:30 Every Night To Stave Off Insomnia

Boundary setting is key.

#sleep #The Wind Down #motherhood