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3 Ways To Stop Yourself From Helicopter Parenting

You're probably robbing your kid of invaluable learning opportunities.

Michelle Gale
December 28 2017

This Sweet Treat Will Eliminate Your Cold Symptoms (Really!)

Sick days have never been so sweet.

Leah Goldglantz
December 13 2017

How To Emotionally Connect With Your Child (Without Crossing Boundaries)

These three tips can help garner respect and connection from your kids.

Rebecca Eanes
December 6 2017

Want To Do Yoga As A Family? Keep These 7 Things In Mind

Plus, 6 postures to do with your family.

Kristin McGee
November 30 2017

An Apology Letter To My Pre-Pregnancy Body

To my pre-pregnancy body, I didn't appreciate you, love you, or realize how hard I was on you. I'm sorry.

Kate Lemere
November 16 2017

10 Decluttering Tips That Will Help Your Parents Downsize

It's all about being supportive yet firm.

Tracy McCubbin
November 15 2017

This Couple 'Roadschools' Their Kids While Traveling The World. Here's How It Works

Caz used to be a teacher—she takes roadschooling and discipline seriously.

Caz Makepeace
November 10 2017

6 Things You Need To Know Today (November 9, 2017)

All the wellness news you need to know today, including bee-based economies, baby fitness trackers, and new livestock recommendations from WHO.

Lindsay Kellner
November 9 2017

10 Things A Doula Actually Does At A Birth

If you didn't know, now you know.

Natalia Hailes
November 8 2017

What Most New Parents Get Wrong About Sleep

Your sleep is so, so important.

Dr. Harvey Karp
November 5 2017

8 Things You Should Never Say To Single Moms

Whether you're a single mom or not, listen up.

Emma Johnson
October 17 2017