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This Spine-Strengthening Yoga Pose Also Activates Your Core & Glutes

This challenging backbend is a variation of pigeon pose.

Sarah Regan
October 23 2020

Have Aches & Pains? Tension Can Stem From This Oft-Neglected Muscle Group

It can make a big difference in your overall well-being.

#stress #movement cures #yoga
Helen Phelan
October 15 2020

How To (Finally) Nail One Of Yoga's Most Popular Arm Balances: Crow Pose

It can feel intimidating when an instructor calls for crow pose in the middle of class.

Pilin Anice
October 9 2020

An Easy Face Yoga Exercise You Can Do For Youthful, Glowing Skin

This simple practice leads to a more toned face, a smoother complexion, and so much more.

#skin care #yoga #healthy aging
Sarah Regan
October 4 2020

Yoga & Meditation May Offer Relief From Chronic Pain, Study Says

Further research for the benefits of these practices.

#news #yoga #pain
Eliza Sullivan
October 2 2020

5 Juicy Stretches To Promote Better Mobility & Prevent Injury

Reverse the effects of sitting all day.

#longevity #yoga
Danielle Gray
September 29 2020

Farewell, Crunches: This Move Is All You Need To Fire Up Your Core & Side Body

Fire up your side body.

#yoga #mbgmindfulmovement
Sarah Regan
September 24 2020

How To Do Wheel Pose To Strengthen Your Spine & Open Your Heart

It's so important, especially as we age.

#yoga #chakras
Pilin Anice
September 18 2020

A Simple Yet Effective Crunch Variation To Work Your Abs & Obliques

Twisted crunches are the unsung hero of ab day.

#yoga #mbgmindfulmovement
Sarah Regan
September 10 2020

9 Men's Activewear Essentials For A Fitness Wardrobe Upgrade

Whether you're a yogi, strength-training fan, outdoor lover, or avid runner.

#yoga #crossfit
Kristine Thomason
September 7 2020

5 Simple Yoga Poses To Start Your Morning Out With Energy & Ease

Taking a few light, easy stretches first thing is a great way to get energized.

Margeaux House
August 30 2020

This Full-Body Exercise Is A Quick Way To Strengthen & Stretch

Here's how to do a reverse lunge twist, with a towel, to target your entire body.

#yoga #flexibility
Jason Williams, NASM-CPT
August 28 2020

This Type Of Movement Can Improve Heart Disease Symptoms, Says New Study

Yoga is good for the heart.

#yoga #breath #Heart #news
Abby Moore
August 26 2020

9 Advanced Poses To Level-Up Your At-Home Yoga Practice

From compass to crow, these nine postures are a great addition to any practice.

#yoga #mbgmindfulmovement
Pilin Anice
August 23 2020

How This Trippy Breathing Technique Is Used To Explore The Subconscious

One editor shares her experience on the mat.

#breath #yoga #stress #anxiety
Emma Loewe
August 21 2020

More Research Shows Yoga Can Ease Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder

As if we needed more proof yoga can benefit the brain.

#yoga #anxiety #news
Abby Moore
August 12 2020

This Simple Yet Effective Exercise That Targets Your Arms, Legs & Core

Your triceps are going to feel this one.

#yoga #flexibility
Sarah Regan
August 8 2020