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Sephora Pledges Safe, Transparent Ingredients In *All* Products

Here are a few of the highlights of what they've accomplished in the past year alone.

Jamie Schneider
August 17

Skin Undertones: Why They're Important + A Helpful Quiz To Identify Yours

Knowing your undertones can actually make or break your makeup look.

Jamie Schneider
August 14

A Case For Natural Makeup Remover: 3 Options That Melt Makeup & Strengthen Skin

If you avoid harsh ingredients in makeup, you should be just as mindful of the ingredients that remove it all at the end of the day.

Jamie Schneider
August 9

Find Your Shade Match, Here: A Clean Foundation Just Launched With 43 Shades

You shouldn't have to sacrifice your perfect shade match for clean, safe ingredients.

Jamie Schneider
August 7

4 Makeup Artist Tips To Easily Find Your "My Lip, But Better" Shade

We enlisted the help of three makeup artists to help you discover that perfect "my lip, but better" shade.

Jamie Schneider
August 6

Why Clear Mascara Is The Unsung Hero Of A Natural Beauty Look + 6 To Try

It's high time we give the transparent goop the recognition it deserves.

Jamie Schneider
July 26