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What We're Getting Wrong About Preservatives In Beauty, From A Cosmetic Chemist

If you're on SkinTok (or the side of TikTok devoted to all things skin care and beauty), I'm sure you've been fed one of Javon Ford's videos.

Alexandra Engler
August 2

Makeup That Survives The Heat: How To Make Your Look Last, From A Pro

If you find yourself redoing your makeup halfway through these hot and sticky summer days, you're not alone.

Hannah Frye
July 26

The 13 Best Tinted Sunscreens For Each Skin Type + Expert Picks

In the wake of "no-makeup makeup" comes a few staple items, this included.

Hannah Frye
July 22

So Many People Have Asked Me About My Lashes & I Have An $8 Mascara To Thank

I don't wear daily mascara. But thanks to Maybelline's new Green Edition Mega Mousse Mascara, I'm coating my lashes more days than not.

I'm An Eyebrow Expert — Here's How To Optimize Your Brows In 3 Steps

As the '90s showed us, eyebrow trends are not as forgiving as those in the fashion or makeup space.

Hannah Frye
July 1

So This Is The Reason Your Foundation Is Pilling — What To Do About It

Have you ever seen your foundation pill or flake right off the skin? This could be why.

Hannah Frye
June 30

A Celebrity Makeup Artist's Hack For Applying Smooth Makeup On Dry Skin

One of the many struggles that accompany dry skin is applying face makeup over pesky dehydrated patches.

Hannah Frye
June 29

I Struggled With Clumpy Concealer, Until I Started Using Bobbi Brown's Trick

The hunt for the perfect concealer is only half the battle of achieving smooth, clump-free under-eye coverage.

Hannah Frye
June 29

Run, Don't Walk: Here's A Hack To Make Any Lip Color Work For You In Seconds

While your favorite concealer or mascara may earn a permanent spot in your daily makeup lineup, lip colors are often more interchangeable.

Hannah Frye
June 28

My Makeup Routine Would Not Be The Same Without This Creamy Concealer

It's the one concealer I always come back to for a dewy, even base.

Jamie Schneider
June 25