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3 Huge Lash Mistakes This Specialist Sees All The Time

Hair growth becomes even more complicated when you start to get to hyper-localized areas of hair growth, such as the lashes. Here, what to know.

Alexandra Engler
March 14

The Best Self-Tan Routine For Zero Streaks + All The Glow

Self-tanning is one of those beauty habits that plenty of people try out reluctantly yet end up loving.

Hannah Frye
March 13

The Groundbreaking Legislation That Will Change The Beauty Industry

In December of last year, a bill passed in Congress implementing a massive update to the FDA's regulatory oversight of the beauty industry. What to...

I'm An Intuitive Aura Reader & Here's What To Know About Color Palette Filters

So, what does an aura reader—who specializes in working with color for her clients—have to say about color palette filters?

Use This No-Fuss Trick For Fuller-Looking Lips & Enhanced Lip Color

A bit of well-placed lip product can really help you feel pulled together in no time. Here, a no-fuss makeup technique that will make lips look soft...