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6 Best Pairs Of Yoga Socks To Enhance Your Practice

Kristine Thomason
mbg Senior Health Editor By Kristine Thomason
mbg Senior Health Editor

Kristine Thomason is the senior health editor at mindbodygreen.

6 best pairs of yoga socks to enhance your practice

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You know that feeling when you're gliding through an amazing yoga flow, then suddenly your feet start slipping and sliding on the mat (just me?). Well, if this is one of your common frustrations, let me introduce you to a helpful little accessory known as yoga socks.

Yoga socks feature grip on the bottom, to help your feet stay firmly planted on your mat—whether you're in a downward dog or balancing through tree pose. Grab one of these grippy pairs for a steadier practice. (Pro tip: They're also great for barre, Pilates, or any other studio class.)

Savvy Grip Sock by Tavi Noir

For the perfect balance of grip and comfort, these Tavi Noir yoga socks will do the trick. They're made with organic cotton and feature an arch band for extra support.

Tavi Noir Savvy Grip Sock,

yoga socks

NikeGrip Studio Footie Socks

If you want to give your toes a little extra breathing room, go for these Nike socks, which offer an open-toe and open-heel design. To make sure your feet stay in place, these socks feature anti-slip yarns for underfoot traction.

NikeGrip Studio Footie Socks,

nike yoga socks

Bombas Gripper Ankle Socks

These durable socks have it all: a woven honeycomb arch support system, stay-put technology, and even extra padding for bonus comfort during any activity. Bonus points: For every pair that's purchased, Bombas donates a pair of socks to homeless communities.

Gripper Ankle Socks,

bombas yoga sock

Lucky Honey Valerie Sock

For a lovely slip-on style—inspired by ballet shoes—try these Lucky Honey socks that boast underfoot "grip like a honeycomb."

The Valerie Sock,

lucky honey yoga socks

Half Toe Luna Grip Socks

These yoga socks have the fantastic combo of an ultra-grippy sole, plus a breathable mesh panel and open-toe design. Plus, they come in countless colors and patterns.

Half Toe Luna Grip Socks,

toesox yoga socks

Gaiam Grippy Yoga Socks

These socks are designed with strategic traction zones on the sole, to ensure more balance and stability during your practice. Plus, with a five-toe design, your feet can move freely and naturally.

Grippy Yoga Socks,

Gaiam yoga socks

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