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How Can You Strengthen Your Skin Barrier Function? Read This

Chronically dry, inflammation-prone skin is a dead giveaway that you suffer from a compromised skin barrier.

Jessica Ourisman
a day ago

Beauty Sleep: 12 Nighttime Skin Care Routine Tips That Seriously Work

A good night's rest is like drinking from the Fountain of Youth, providing you with the regeneration process you need to wake up glowing.

Alexa Erickson
2 days ago

5 Antioxidants To Help Support Your Skin's Defense Against The Sun

Protecting your skin against harmful UV rays is also an inside job.

Rebecca Dancer
2 days ago

The 7 Best Skin Care Ingredients To Look For For Healthy Aging

If there's one skin care goal that nearly everyone has in common, it's to slow down signs of aging skin.

Andrea Jordan
3 days ago

OK, So Should You Actually Use A Facial Toner? We Investigated

The skin care step is somewhat controversial, considered optional by some, yet downright essential to others.

Jessica Ourisman
4 days ago

Yes, You Can Promote Collagen Production Naturally — Here's How

As the main structural component of the skin, collagen warrants all of the attention it gets. With these 11 skin care tips, you can keep your levels...

Kirsten Nunez, M.S.
4 days ago

How To Take Gel, Dip, Or Acrylic Nails Off + Tips For Rehabbing Your Nails

Acrylics, dips, and gels. They make your nails look long and thick, but underneath their facade are natural nails begging you to let them breathe.

Alexa Erickson
March 24

From Scrubs To Collagen, Here Are 8 Ways To Plump Your Lips Naturally

Where does one turn for a fuller lips, sans needles and celebrity-endorsed lip kits?

Alexa Erickson
March 23

How To Get Your Vitamin D With & Without Sun (And Why It's Important)

What to do if you don't have direct access to vitamin-D-producing rays?

Max Lugavere
March 18

Exclusive: Clean At Sephora Goes Big & Bold With Clean Makeup

For so long, skin care was the core of clean beauty. Clean at Sephora is now proving that the case for clean makeup should be just as strong.

Alexandra Engler
March 12