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You'll Fall In Love With This Wild Rice & Spinach Soup

Nothing warms the heart (and body) like a nice, good-for-you soup! This recipe hits the spot on a warm or chilly day. Next time you're looking for a...

Dawna Stone
March 21 2014

A Nourishing Vegan Soup To Keep You Warm This Winter

You skim articles, rush through your commute, and zone out, but you can’t skimp on your health. In the midst of polar vortexes and a busy schedule,...

February 7 2014

The Ultimate Winter Vegetable Stock

This time of year, I tend to take stock of things. It doesn’t hurt that my birthday falls on the last day of December, when I’m wrapping up another...

Celine Beitchman
January 7 2014

A Vegan Cream Of Tomato Soup Recipe

There's something about a hot bowl of tomato soup I've always loved, especially this time of year. Probably because my mom used to always crack open a...

Alexis Wolfer
December 20 2013

Squash, Carrot, and Ginger Soup (A Fall Flavors Bonanza!)

This beautiful orange soup is incredibly nurturing on a cold day. The squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes get their orange color from carotenoids,...

Margo Shapiro Bachman
December 3 2013

Gluten-Free Lentil Soup With Quinoa & Tomato

I love lentil soup but after more than one bowl, well ... it's a little too lentil-y. I know that's not a word, but that's how it tastes to me after a...

Silvia Bianco
November 1 2013

​Spicy West African Peanut Soup

This soup is rich and velvety smooth and a beautiful orangey- brown color. Since the early years at Moosewood, it’s been a perennial customer request,...

The Moosewood Collective
September 24 2013

The Perfect Kale Soup for Autumn

This recipe is perfect for the Fall and can easily be adapted for vegetarians or non-vegetarians. I've included optional add-ins for both variations...

Karen Nourizadeh
October 11 2012