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One-Pot Carrot Ginger Soup For Fall (Vegan)

Fall is the season of soup. Pumpkin, lentil, potato, bean — you name it! While it may seem easy to grab a can of soup, making soup from scratch is so...

Helena Picone
October 15 2015
PAID CONTENT FOR The Homemade Kitchen by Alana Chernila

A Soup You Can Make With Whatever's In Your Fridge RIGHT NOW

Minestrone is a soup of scraps, and because the recipe is infinitely changeable depending on what you have, it’s a soup of the moment.

October 8 2015
PAID CONTENT FOR The Oz Family Kitchen by Lisa Oz

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup With Ginger

Butternut squash is a great source of beta-carotene, which contains powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. One cup of squash provides...

October 6 2015

Quick No-Cook Meal: Stone Fruit + Tomato Gazpacho

I'm a big fan of gazpacho in all forms. Late peaches ripen about the same time as backyard tomatoes, and this is one of my favorite summertime...

Scott Daigre
August 25 2015

Super Greens Soup With Crispy Chickpea Croutons

This super greens soup is packed with an array of vitamins and essential nutrients. For one, broccoli has a long list of benefits including having a...

Alena Grahn
May 3 2015

5-Minute Power Greens Soup

Loaded with dark leafy greens, this soup packs a good dose of vitamins K and A. This recipe supplies healthy fats from the avocado, pumpkin seeds, and...

Sara Vance
March 22 2015

8 Ways To Simplify Your Life (And Make It Healthier, Too!)

Hoping to make a fresh start in 2015? Constant clutter and never-ending to-do lists can leave you feeling frazzled and defeated before the month of...

January 27 2015

10 Delicious Ways To Drink More Bone Broth

Bone broth is a wonderful, traditional food rich in minerals, collagen and amino acids, nutrients often lacking in the standard American diet. As a...

Heather Braaten
January 23 2015

Fiesta Winter Minestrone

Warm up with this satisfying vegan entrée, a healthy, vegetable-packed soup with a kick!

Allison Day
January 18 2015

What Is Kombu + Why You Should Be Eating It

Kombu (pronounced KOM-boo) is an edible sea vegetable. Hailing from Japan, it's most historically used as one of the three main ingredients in 'dashi'...

Lisa Gatti
December 18 2014

Green Detox Soup For Winter

This Green Detox soup will help keep you healthy during the winter months and is a great addition to your diet, especially if you find yourself...

Casey Jade
December 5 2014

Beat Daylight Savings Blues With This Butternut Squash Stew

Daylight savings is upon us! If you're beginning to feel anxious about the physical and spiritual affect it will have on you, don't worry, you're not...

Mima Romm
November 2 2014

6 One-Pan Meals To Make This Week

A great one-pan meal is a lifesaver, especially during the hectic workweek when the last thing you want to do spend your time cleaning up. Here are...

October 20 2014

A Butternut Squash Soup That Anyone Can Make!

Warm, spiced and incredibly nutritious, my mom's butternut squash soup appears regularly in the fall and winter as a cozy dinner option.

Stephanie Wells
October 3 2014

Creamy Autumn Cauliflower Soup

My clients and friends often ask for exact rules on how to feel better or lose weight, but my approach to wellness and nutrition is one of discovery....

Holli Thompson
September 16 2014

Perfect Weekday Dinner: Curried Carrot Coconut Soup

Light dinners are one of my favorite tips for maintaining a healthy weight, and soups loaded with vegetables are perfect when it comes to a...

Elizabeth Finch
June 10 2014

Coconut-Ginger Golden Beet & Carrot Soup

Finally, the birds are singing, the flowers and trees are in full bloom and winter bulbs are bursting forth through the soil, yielding their first...

Andrea Rice
May 21 2014

Detox Like A French Woman With This Delicious, Slimming Vegetable Soup

If French women don’t get fat, in general, it’s because, over a week’s worth of meals, they have probably had only a small amount of desserts, breads...

Rebeca Plantier
April 25 2014

Give Yourself A Total Reboot This Weekend (Woot Woot!)

Have you ever had one of those days when you hit a wall? You've run your body hard, you've indulged in food and/or drink past the point of fun, and...

Brianne Grogan, DPT
April 4 2014

Why The French Love Dandelions (And Why You Should Too)

Forget all those preconceived notions about garden weeds. Come spring, it’s dandelion season in France and Italy.

Rebeca Plantier
March 21 2014