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This Summer Soup Has An Anti-Inflammatory Ingredient You Can't Miss

Caroline Muggia
mbg Contributor By Caroline Muggia
mbg Contributor
Caroline Muggia is a writer, environmental advocate, and registered yoga teacher (E-RYT) with a B.A. in Environmental Studies & Psychology from Middlebury College.
This Summer Soup Has An Anti-Inflammatory Ingredient You Can't Miss
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If you thought soup in the summer was off limits, we have a healthy, inflammation-fighting bowl of sunshine that will make you think again. 

This vegan corn soup from the new cookbook Vegan Cookbook by Tony and Yvonne Bishop-Weston has a seriously delicious twist—cue the refreshing zing of pineapple. 

While we love to snack on this anti-inflammatory fruit on its own, we love it even more blended with the sweetness of the corn and nutty undertones of cauliflower and chia seeds.

On top of being refreshing, pineapple has properties that can help prevent some of our least favorite summer woes. Thanks to a special enzyme called bromelain, pineapple could help combat inflammation and joint pain and may ward off yeast like candida. This bright bowl is easy to make and will add a pop of color to your spread.

Corn & Pineapple Sunshine Soup

Serves 4


  • 14 fl. oz. / 1⅓ cups water
  • 1 pint / 2½ cups coconut milk
  • 5 oz. / ⅔ cup frozen corn
  • 2 small yellow bell peppers, cored, seeded, and diced
  • 4 slices of pineapple, peel cut away, cored, and diced
  • 4 tsp. chia seeds
  • 1 fresh lime
  • 8 cauliflower florets, cut into small pieces
  • 1½ oz. roughly chopped pistachio nuts
  • Torn nasturtium or English marigold petals, optional
  • A few small arugula leaves, optional 


  1. Heat the water, coconut milk, and corn in a small pan and simmer for 3 minutes until the corn is hot.
  2. Reserve a little of the yellow pepper for the topping, then add the rest to a blender with the pineapple. Pour in the coconut and corn mix, screw on the lid, and blend until smooth. Stir in the chia seeds and add lime juice to taste.
  3. Pour into bowls, and top with the reserved yellow pepper, cauliflower florets, pistachio nuts, flower petals, and arugula leaves, if using.
  4. If this soup is left to stand, the chia seeds will swell, and it will take on a jelly-like texture, so serve it as soon as it is made. You could also replace the chia seeds with hemp seeds.

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