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This MD Lost 100 Pounds By Balancing Her Hormones: Here's How She Did It

Like this M.D., if you can't seem to shake stubborn weight, your hormones might be to blame.

Jason Wachob
October 21 2020

5 Daily Habits To Boost Your Immune System (That Require Zero Effort)

Here are some small habits that will strengthen your immune system in meaningful ways (some of which you might already be doing, in which case—keep it...

Matt Scheetz, NASM-CPT
September 30 2020

The All-Time Best Drinks To Sip On When You're Sick — And 3 To Avoid

Plus, whether hot or cold brews tend to be better for sniffles.

Abby Moore
September 25 2020

Real Talk: Should You Pee After Sex, Before Sex, Or Both?

Here's what the research actually tells us.

Abby Moore
September 17 2020