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Here's Exactly What I Ate To Heal From Lyme Disease

Healthy food helped me repopulate my microbiome and reclaim my energy. If I can do it, so can you.

What Is Echinacea Tea?

A dive into everyone's favorite immune booster.

Carlene Thomas, R.D.
April 7 2018

What Are The Actual Benefits Of Echinacea?

It's officially approved in Germany to ward off colds.

Carlene Thomas, R.D.
April 6 2018

I Travel 6 Months A Year Without Getting Sick. Here's How

With a few preventive measures, it's definitely possible.

Valérie Grandury
March 15 2018

Yes, You Can Care For Sick Kids Without Getting Sick Yourself. Here's How

You're going to want to start by letting the guilt go.

Leigh Weingus
February 28 2018

Your Definitive Guide To The Seasonal Flu

Ever wondered which supplements will help you fight the flu?

Robin Berzin, M.D.
February 9 2018

The 3-Ingredient Snack I'm Eating Daily To Prevent The Flu

It also helps you get better if you're already sick.

Liz Moody
February 6 2018