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A 4-Step Morning Routine For Optimal Gut Health All Day Long

Incorporate this simple routine for better gut health.

#mbgsupplements #stress #journaling #gut health
Abby Moore
August 16 2020

A Grounding Practice To Help Air Signs Get Out Of Their Heads

Air signs tend to live in their heads.

#astrology #breath #journaling #anxiety
Sarah Regan
June 30 2020

Yes, Love Letters Are Still A Thing: Here's How To Write A Great One

Whether to your longtime partner or to that person you're crushing on.

#dating #marriage #journaling

Learn Together: How To Start A Book Club Celebrating Black Voices

It's a great way to hold yourself and your friends accountable to this work.

Emma Loewe
June 11 2020

Read Between The Lines: A Starter Guide To Reading Palms At Home

You don't need to find your nearest occult shop for a reading.

#Purpose #journaling #empowerment
Sarah Regan
May 8 2020

How To Look To Your Intuition For Clues On Navigating A Crisis

"Your intuition guides you best when you make room for it."

#COVID-19 #Journey #journaling
Tanya Carroll Richardson
April 16 2020

How To Sync Your Self-Care Practice With The Moon, From A Psychologist

Syncing with the moon cycle can remind you to periodically pause, rest, and reflect.

#cleanse #energy #astrology #journaling #Journey
Perpetua Neo, DClinPsy
April 15 2020

26 Journaling Prompts To Help You Reflect On One Year Of COVID-19

Grab your notebook and pick a prompt!

#COVID-19 #journaling #affirmations

Pulling This Tarot Card Is Basically A Green Light From The Universe

Time to whip out those decks.

#Journey #journaling #Purpose
Jessica Timmons
February 20 2020

3 Free Tools To Help You Manage Your Stress, Straight From An M.D.

Stop underestimating stress and start taking control.

#stress #journaling #sleep
Abby Moore
December 16 2019

7 Ways To Handle Emotional Triggers, Explained By A Psychotherapist

These will help you respond rather than react to your triggers.

#anxiety #affirmations #journaling
David Richo, Ph.D., MFT
December 10 2019

Tarot Spreads For Navigating Change & Finishing Out The Year Strong

"This is the time to release and renew."

#journaling #Journey
Emma Loewe
December 7 2019

Already Over Winter? Here Are 5 Mindful Ways To Embrace The Season

Some ideas for embracing the quiet, reflective energy of the season.

#Purpose #journaling #environmentalism #manifesting
Julia Plevin
December 3 2019
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3 Motivational Audiobooks That Will Make You Say, 'Bring It On, 2020!'

Sound on: Listen to these audiobook recs for your New Year inspiration.

#partner #journaling #confidence
Krista Soriano
November 19 2019

A Neuroscientist Says We Can Rewire Our Neural Pathways — Here's How

Yes, you can control your own mind.

#brain #journaling
Tara Swart, M.D., Ph.D.
October 28 2019

The Morning Routine Gabrielle Bernstein Loves For Getting Out Of A Rut

"Appreciating what you do have puts you in the right state of mind to receive better opportunities."

#manifesting #journaling #Journey #gratitude
Gabrielle Bernstein
October 5 2019

Ring In Fall With These 6 Rituals For Forgiveness & Joy

As we move into the fall equinox, the time is right to meditate on how to forgive and move on from a place of acceptance.

#journaling #breath
Barbara Biziou
September 23 2019

9 Principles That'll Help You Simplify Your Life In A Big Way

Tune in to an easier but more impactful way of being.

#journaling #Journey #Purpose #breath
Megan Dalla-Camina
September 21 2019

14 Of Our Favorite Oracle Card Decks Of 2023 + How To Use Them

Got questions? They can help you feel into answers.

#Journey #journaling
Emma Loewe
September 15 2019

5 Ways To Reconnect To Your Spirituality When You Feel Tired & Overwhelmed

No. 5: Follow your joy route.

#joy #journaling #Journey
Shannon Kaiser
September 7 2019