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These Are The Nighttime Rituals The mbg Staff Swears By

Check out these unique nighttime rituals from mbg's staff of yoga teachers, military members, outdoor adventurers and more.

January 5 2017

This 10-Minute Exercise Could Be The Key To Falling (And Staying) Asleep

By answering a simple formula of questions and prompts that takes 10 minutes or less, you can clearly assess the lifestyle factors that may be helping...

December 21 2016

7 Bedroom Essentials To Guarantee Your Best Sleep Ever

Turn your bedroom into a cozy sanctuary and get your deepest night of rest with these top sleep essentials, including healing crystals, purifying...

December 12 2016

Why "Life Design" Is The Next Wave Of Journaling

Are you moving to the next level in your life?

Carrie Jordan
December 4 2016

The Mindful Item You Need To Pack On Your Holiday Travels

It won't even take up much room in your suitcase.

Kait Fowlie
November 22 2016

How Food Journaling Can Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

We all know the trick to growing slimmer is to burn more energy than we eat; unfortunately, everything from your morning coffee creamer to lunchtime...

November 20 2016

A Digital Detox That's Actually Doable

You don't need to check into a monastery or go full-on Vipassana meditation to strike the right balance with your tech.

Laura Rubin
November 1 2016

How The Mindful Act Of Journaling Saved My Life

"When I poured my life onto the pure white page, I found clarity, insight, and assurance. I felt whole. I felt powerful."

Daniel Dowling
October 19 2016
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Want a Joyful, Fulfilling Life? Do This

Want to find the answers to life's toughest questions? Try keeping a Good Time Journal, which helps you redesign your daily activities to maximize...

October 15 2016

How To Use A Food Journal To Reach Your Ideal Weight

Food journaling can be a lot like taking a hard look at your finances: scary, but essential.

Nathan Wiebe
October 14 2016

How To Become More Mindful Using Nothing But A Journal

At the core of it, mindfulness is about paying attention.

Jaclyn Desforges
July 24 2016

A 7-Day Journaling Practice To Encourage Self-Love

"There is great power in weaving our intentions and dreams into the folds of the page as we write and color the map home to ourselves."

Melissa McConnell
July 8 2016

A 7-Day Mind, Body & Spirit Reset Plan For Your Best Spring Ever

Busyness can be beautiful if it’s ambitious, intentional, and purposeful. But even when we’re “beautifully busy,” we can get caught up and lose our...

Danielle Dowling, Psy.D.
April 11 2016

6 Daily Self-Care Rituals For Highly Sensitive People

Do you often feel vulnerable to the external world? Do large crowds, excessive talking, strong smells, or people in general get under your skin? Or...

Amanda Kryska
January 14 2016

A 3-Minute Exercise That Helped Me Discover My Intentions

Living in New York City, where the pressure to do more seems endless, it's easy to get wrapped up in routines and activities that get you through the...

January 6 2016