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A Grounding Ritual To Help Air Signs Get Out Of Their Heads

Last updated on June 30, 2020
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When thinking about any astrological sign, understanding the element that sign is associated with can lend a lot of insight. Take air signs, for example; air is volatile and sporadic, and where earth and water are bound to the Earth in a sense, air signs are, well, up in the air and in their heads.

To find out what to do when air signs need a little ritual to get out of their heads, we asked Gabriela Herstik, author of Inner Witch and Bewitching the Elements, what she recommends. And as an Aquarius herself, Herstik is no stranger to wanting some grounding.

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Understanding air signs.

"Air represents the capacities we have in our ability to process information and communicate," Herstik says. "So I think an imbalance often happens where air signs tend to live very much in our head."

This floaty nature gives Geminis, Libras, and Aquarians, a creative, original, and quick-witted intellect. They're logical and love to reason with concepts and ideas. But when out of balance, the heady quality of air signs can make them feel out of touch with both their emotions and bodies.

The power of breathwork.

While all that intellect and conceptualizing gives air signs their visionary quality, too much analyzing can become exhausting. With that in mind, Herstik recommends a breathwork practice to tune in with your body and stay grounded in the present moment.

"For air signs to find balance, someone can work with breathwork, pranayama. Working with the breath regularly connects the mind with the body and integrates them together. It's been transformative for me," she says. "That and being very present in the moment, not allowing yourself to future-trip. The future-tripping is a sign of an air imbalance."

"And you don't need a difficult breathwork practice," Herstik adds. "It could just be three- or four-hold breaths for a few minutes, you know, 10 to 20 repetitions, just to sort of guide your mind back to your body."

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Getting your thoughts out of your head.

And if your thoughts are running a mile a minute, another practice Herstik recommends for all the overthinking air signs out there is getting your thoughts out by putting pen to paper.

"You could write a letter; you could write a poem," she says, "or you could just free-write and get everything out of your mind onto a piece of paper."

The idea with journaling in this way, she explains, brings all those thoughts out of your head and into the physical plane, where their newfound tangibility makes them appear much less intrusive. And once you do that... "Rip it up and burn it," Herstik says. "That's working with fire, which is a complementary element to air. And it also releases all those thoughts in that way—if you were feeling yourself getting fixated on a certain thought."

Setting aside time to honor ourselves every day is so important. For air signs, finding an opportunity to let your mind relax, check in with your body and breath, and get your thoughts out on paper can go a long way toward making you feel more at ease.

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