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Feeling Stuck? Shake It Up With This Ritual For Earth Signs

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March 8, 2020
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Earth signs are the dependable, wise, and stable group of the zodiac. Tauruses, Virgos, and Capricorns are known for their grounding energy, their trustworthiness, and reliability—and potentially, their love of routine and stability.

There's a reason the AstroTwins recommended adventure as the New Year's resolution Earth signs need! These grounded signs have a tendency to get comfortable (and stay there). So we got in touch with author of Inner Witch and Bewitching the Elements, Gabriela Herstik to get her recommendation for the Earth signs out there (or anyone, really) who need a little spontaneity.

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"For earth signs," she says, "there can be this feeling of comfortability. It can be easy to stay doing what you feel safe doing." With that in mind, Earth signs would be well served by trying new things.

Shake up your routine.

"There's such a fine line between being comfortable and feeling safe, and then also wanting to expand," Herstik says. And since Earth signs are already a very ritualistic and structured sign, the "ritual" best suited for them may actually be stepping outside your usual routine.

So if you want something less ritually or meditation-heavy, simply getting out of your comfort zone is a good place to start. "Trying an activity like taking a new class, reading a new book, or going to a museum you've never been to is its own kind of ritual," she adds, "even if you're not necessarily in a classic ritual space."

And because of the solid, grounding nature of Earth signs, sometimes lethargy can sink in. In this case, Herstik says prioritizing movement is always helpful, too. "Maybe that's a new yoga class, or Pilates if you've never done it. Something active to shake up that stagnant energy."

A chakra meditation to tune in.

And if a meditation is more your speed right now, Herstik also recommends a chakra-balancing meditation for Earth signs who want to tap in and get in touch with their intuition.

She recommends starting simply visualizing each chakra. "Visualize those energy centers, going inward to feel what's off rather than looking outside of yourself for healing. If you're feeling lethargic and you want to bring some energy and creativity into your life, for example, visualize orange, yellow, or golden light beaming into your body and charging you up."

And lastly, Herstik also recommends tapping, or the Emotional Freedom Technique, for Earth signs looking to shift some of the energy that may have stagnated.

"When we push ourselves to go outside our comfort zone, that's when we really evolve," Herstik says in closing. "It doesn't have to be high stakes—you don't have to skydive. Even taking a new way home from work will shake you out of that routine."

We couldn't agree more; here are seven self-care practices, like letting yourself sleep in, to get you started.

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