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A 7-Day Mind, Body & Spirit Reset Plan For Your Best Spring Ever

Busyness can be beautiful if it’s ambitious, intentional, and purposeful. But even when we’re “beautifully busy,” we can get caught up and lose our...

Danielle Dowling, Psy.D.
April 11 2016

6 Daily Self-Care Rituals For Highly Sensitive People

Do you often feel vulnerable to the external world? Do large crowds, excessive talking, strong smells, or people in general get under your skin? Or...

Amanda Kryska
January 14 2016

A 3-Minute Exercise That Helped Me Discover My Intentions

Living in New York City, where the pressure to do more seems endless, it's easy to get wrapped up in routines and activities that get you through the...

January 6 2016

The 5-Minute Practice That Changed My Outlook (No Meditation Required)

I’m spending the month exploring stress-busting mindfulness techniques, thanks to Aetna’s Month of Mindfulness — a 30-day program created to help...

January 4 2016

7 Choices You'll Never Regret Making

Life moves at an ever-increasing pace. The distractions of work, activities, and other events keep us from focusing on the most important parts of...

Jimmy Burgess
December 19 2015

7 Evening Rituals To Have A Stress-Free Night, Every Night

By now, most people understand the importance of a morning ritual. But the truth is, your morning starts the night before. The way you end one day...

Dan Harrison
November 25 2015
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A 5-Minute Practice To Restore Your Faith In The Universe

Most of us get up every day planning — or hoping, at least — to “tough” our way through the challenges ahead. We’ve got tasks we’re supposed to...

November 17 2015
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5 Morning Rituals To Start Your Day With Magic

Ever switched off your alarm and immediately dived into emails, texts, and Instagram — only to later ask yourself why you feel so frazzled? I’ve been...

Ksenia Avdulova
November 4 2015

What To Do Before & After Your Reiki Session For Optimal Energetic Healing

Many of my clients ask how they can best prepare for and receive the most benefits from their Reiki session.

Sharna Langlais
May 28 2015

7 Tips To Make Your Home A Mini Mindfulness Retreat

Once a month, I conduct my very own mini-mindfulness retreat at home with a day of mindful activities, in total silence.

Louise Jensen
April 28 2015

5 Ways Yoga Can Make You A Better Writer

I’m a writer in New York City, which means I'm also an anxious workaholic, overly-engaged, exhausted and constantly spinning.

Caits Meissner
April 23 2015

A Simple Meditation To Declutter Your Mind For A Fresh Start

The transformation of winter to spring represents so much in our lives. During this time, we strive to let go of what has seemingly bogged us down...

Hillary Wright
March 19 2015

6 Ways To Slow Down The Speed Of Life

We blink and a year has passed. We've all heard or found ourselves saying, "They grow up so fast," or "The years just flew by." Life seems to be...

Rachel Le Feuvre
February 27 2015

Happy Lunar New Year! 8 Ways To Make The Most Of The Year Of The Sheep

Just say baa! Today (Feb. 18, 2015) kicks off the Year of the Sheep (or Goat) in Chinese astrology. Bid adieu to the prancing, pompous Horse and all...

The AstroTwins
February 18 2015

12 Holistic Ways To Nurture Yourself This Winter

What goes up must come down, and after the holiday push it's quite common for people to dip into a depression in January. Regardless of how joyous,...

Sheryl Paul, M.A.
January 11 2015

6 Ways Your Phone Can Help You Lead A Healthier Lifestyle

Instead of buying an expensive gym memberships, signing up for a diet programs or paying for weight loss experts, why not turn to the world of...

Louis Vitiello Jr., CHC
January 7 2015

10 Daily Rituals That Will Revitalize Your Life

Changing your daily routine can be a great way to initiate long-term change in your life. Although it takes conscious effort at first, if you continue...

Kelsey Frizzell
December 24 2014

Could Lasting Health & Weight Loss Really Be As Simple As This?

All eyes fixated on her svelte physique as she strolled into the room wearing a fitted, strapless black dress. Everyone at my table speculated how she...

JJ Virgin, CNS
November 25 2014

Schedule Your Week In Planetary Alignment With These Ayurvedic Principles

Changing my routine, diet and exercise according to Ayurvedic wisdom has completely transformed my physical and emotional health. I rarely get sick, I...

Julia Clarke
November 16 2014