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What Your Handwriting Says About Your Personality, From A Graphologist

Slanty? Straight? Here's what it means according to graphology.

Sarah Regan
December 18 2020

How I Changed My Definition Of "Resilience" & Broke Up With Burnout Culture

By reframing my definition of "resilience," I've been able to more fully show up for myself.

Rachel Rhee
December 14 2020

Tonight's 3rd Quarter Moon Is The Moment To Start Wrapping Up 2020

We can work with the moon's energy no matter what phase it's in.

Sarah Regan
December 7 2020

8 Guided Journals & Planners For The New Year (Because We're Over 2021)

Self-reflection, gratitude, or goal setting in 2021: There's something for everyone.

Sarah Regan
December 4 2020

A Jungian Psychologist Told Us How To Start & Keep A Dream Journal

Dream journaling is one of the best ways you can start interpreting your dreams.

Sarah Regan
October 2 2020

An Autumn Equinox Ritual That Pulls Its Power From The Elements

Once again, we acknowledge a moment of balance with the fall equinox.

Barbara Biziou
September 21 2020