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Dream Interpretation 101: How To Get To Know Your Unique "Dream Language"

What could your dreams be telling you?

#energy #stress #alcohol
Sarah Regan
May 18 2020

Yes, You Can Promote Collagen Production Naturally — Here's How*

As the main structural component of the skin, collagen warrants all of the attention it gets.

#skin care #Collagen #alcohol #sleep #mbgsupplements
Kirsten Nunez, M.S.
March 28 2020

The Ingredient That Gives Beer Its Flavor Is Also A+ For Immune Health

Here's how to get it without boozing.

#stress #alcohol
Jennifer Chesak
March 1 2020

New Study Shows The Impact Of Alcoholism On The Brain, Even If You Don't Drink

Even those who can manage their drinking or avoid alcohol altogether can still be affected by their family's history of drinking.

#brain #alcohol #news
Abby Moore
February 11 2020

Are White Claws Keto-Friendly? We Got The Lowdown From An RD

Are there really laws when you're drinking a claw?

#alcohol #ketogenic
Christina Coughlin
January 18 2020

I'm A Psychologist & Here's The Biggest Mistake People Make With Self-Care

Are you practicing self-care—or self-soothing?

#alcohol #stress #anxiety
Perpetua Neo, DClinPsy
January 3 2020

3 RD-Approved Ways To Drink Alcohol & Be Healthy

Jessica Cording, M.S., R.D., CDN, wants you to find what you enjoy most.

#alcohol #holiday #drinks #mbgpodcast
Jason Wachob
December 31 2019

Not Drinking? This "Pinot" Juice Recipe Mimics A Gusty Red Wine

The biggest challenge for a wine lover is to find a decent substitute for red wine.

#alcohol #drinks #vegetarian
Fiona Beckett
December 30 2019

A Chef Spills The Secret To Finding The Best Healthy Wine + His 4 Faves

And we are drinking them up.

#holiday #alcohol
Sarah Regan
December 19 2019

Got Lots Of Leftovers This Thanksgiving? Turn 'Em Into A Cocktail

It's easier (and tastier) than you think.

#environmentalism #holiday #alcohol
Emma Loewe
November 28 2019

How To Make A Delicious, Spice-Filled Bloody Mary Without Mix

A bloody Mary mix hand-picked from your garden just sounds healthier, right?

#alcohol #drinks #environmentalism #Herbs
Jamie Schneider
November 17 2019

Here's What Food You Can & Can't Eat On The Whole30 Diet

You've come this far—don't back out now.

#Whole30 #alcohol #coffee #digestion #gluten
Melissa Urban
October 30 2019

3 One-On-One Ways To Nurture & Deepen Your Adult Friendships

We're peak canceling-plans culture right now. Here's how to make one-on-ones the new staying in.

#partner #alcohol
Janea Brown
September 9 2019

5 Healthy Cocktails & Mocktails To Say Goodbye To Summer This Weekend

One last sip of the season's bounty.

#drinks #alcohol
Liz Moody
August 30 2019

The Healthiest Way To Consume Alcohol, According To A Nutritionist

Plus, the natural hangover cure that can do more harm than good!

#drinks #alcohol

What Percentage Of American Farms Do You Think Are Organic? It’s Less Than That

We're demanding more organically produced goods than ever, but still less than 1% of all American farmland is certified organic.

#partner #mbgrevitalize #alcohol #organic
Krista Soriano
August 14 2019
PAID CONTENT FOR Tito's Handmade Vodka

This Company Is Proving That Joy Is All About Paying It Forward

Watch as they upgraded their weekly office Happy Hour to a next-level Harvest Happy Hour.

#partner #alcohol #joy
Krista Soriano
August 1 2019
PAID CONTENT FOR Tito's Handmade Vodka

Only 3 In 10 People Love Their Jobs — So This Company Changed One Major Thing

We spoke with a chief joyologist about what really cultivates happiness within a company's culture.

#partner #joy #alcohol
Krista Soriano
July 30 2019
PAID CONTENT FOR Tito's Handmade Vodka

Jalapeño and Ginger Kombucha Make This Mule Kick Even Harder

This summer, try using ginger kombucha in a twist on a traditional mule, the classic cocktail usually made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime.

#partner #alcohol #kombucha
July 8 2019

What Makes Wine Healthy + Exactly Where To Buy Better Options

Conventional bottles can contain up to 60 added chemicals!

#alcohol #inflammation #organic #gut health
Liz Moody
June 26 2019