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My Partner Is Battling Addiction: Here's How Spirituality Has Helped Us Both

Addiction clutched the man I love to the point of disfiguring both our souls.

#dating #alcohol
Chantal Jauvin
April 15 2021

How Dry January Affects Your Skin, According To Dermatologists

Turns out, you're not imagining it.

#skin care #alcohol #holiday
Jamie Schneider
January 22 2021

The Surprising Way Dry January Can Affect Sleep (Especially This Year)

Here's why it's essential to replace that nightly glass of wine with another relaxing ritual.

#sleep #mbgsupplements #alcohol
Emma Loewe
January 13 2021

Doing Dry January? Watch Out For This Surprising New Craving

Plus, how to keep those cravings under control.

#sugar #alcohol #brain #Experts On Call
Uma Naidoo, M.D.
January 8 2021

A Completely Objective, Nonnegotiable List Of The Best Beers for Everyday Moments

Beer is the Swiss Army knife of the beverage world, and—if you ask us—the perfect way to celebrate a variety of occasions.

#partner #alcohol
Meg Phillips
January 6 2021

Why Champagne Hangovers Feel Worse Than Most + How To Avoid It

Blame the bubbly.

#drinks #holiday #alcohol
Abby Moore
December 31 2020

A Sparkling Skin-Supporting Cocktail For An Extra Glowing New Year


#skin care #mbgsupplements #alcohol
Alexandra Engler
December 30 2020

Your Perfect Healthy Cocktail, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

For at-home celebrations this New Year.

#alcohol #drinks
Eliza Sullivan
December 30 2020

The 13 Best Alcohol-Free Drinks To Sip On For A Dry Holiday & Beyond

Trust us; we tested them out!

#alcohol #functional nutrition
Kristine Thomason
December 23 2020

Try This Nutritionist's Festive Spritzer Recipe With Extra Antioxidants

Sneak in a serving of veggies while you're at it.

#mbgsupplements #supplements #alcohol #holiday
Eliza Sullivan
December 22 2020

When Is Drinking A Problem? How To Reassess Your Relationship With Alcohol

Find the support you need with Monument.

#partner #alcohol
Meg Phillips
December 1 2020

How I Used Psychedelics To Support My Sobriety (Yes, You Read That Right)

Can you really take psychedelics safely in sobriety?

Luke Storey
September 27 2020
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Saturday Sips: 3 Cocktail & Food Pairings We Have On Rotation

Whether you're after a cocktail, pre-dinner bite, full-on meal, or dessert, we've got the answer for you. 

#partner #alcohol #dinner
Matt Scheetz, NASM-CPT
August 28 2020

8 Reasons You Can't Remember Your Dreams, According To Experts

Why do some people remember all their dreams while others can't remember a single one?

#sleep #alcohol #brain
Sarah Regan
August 20 2020
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The List Of Stuff You Can (Still) Do This Summer Is Longer Than You Think

Here is a list of our favorite quarantine-friendly summertime activities (none of which are a Zoom happy hour, something we're pretty sure everyone is...

#partner #drinks #alcohol
Matt Scheetz, NASM-CPT
August 12 2020

You May Want To Drink Nonalcoholic Beer For The Health Perks (Really)

Learn all about the health-promoting properties.

Richie Crowley
August 3 2020

A Simplified Guide To Sulfites In Wine + What To Look For On A Label

How many sulfites are in your wine?

#alcohol #drinks
Katherine Clary
August 1 2020
PAID CONTENT FOR Athletic Brewing Co.

Found: A Beer That Won't Deter Your Active Lifestyle (You Won't Even Notice It's Non-Alcoholic)

Beer that lets you enjoy the experience of drinking craft beer, without the whole "drinking alcohol" part.

#partner #alcohol
Matt Scheetz, NASM-CPT
June 11 2020

The Medicinal Spirit This Nutritionist Uses In Her Signature Summer Cocktail

Light, refreshing, and healthy to boot, this cocktail.

Olessa Pindak
June 6 2020