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We've Planned Out The Perfect Girls' Night In. Here's What It Looks Like

Besties and Botanicals Girls' Night In.

#partner #alcohol
Devon Barrow
March 28 2022

A Hall Of Fame Quarterback Shares His Longevity-Supporting Routine

At age 55, he feels healthier than ever.

#healthy aging #Healthy Eating #alcohol
Kristine Thomason
February 13 2022

5 Better-For-You Cocktails To Make For A Classy Or Cozy Night In

For whatever kind of love you're celebrating!

#alcohol #mbgsupplements
Olivia Giacomo
February 10 2022
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Instead Of Doing Your Self-Care Solo, Try These 6 Fresh Ideas With Your Friends

Turn it into an occasion to grab your besties, cheers to quality time, and mellow your way into a night that ignites all your senses.

#partner #alcohol
Devon Barrow
January 27 2022
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Fresh Ways To Have More Fun With Your Friends This Year

Call up your friends, pour up a delightful cocktail, and cheers to friendship!

#partner #alcohol #friendship
Devon Barrow
January 27 2022
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This Sustainable Gathering Is The Most Fun Night You'll Have With Your Friends In 2022

Here are five tips you need to get your first Sustainable Clothing Swap Soiree off the ground!

#partner #alcohol
Devon Barrow
January 27 2022
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5 Tips For Planning A Book Club Night That's More Fun Than Going Out

Your friends are coming to have fun, not a full-on literary discourse! And with these five tips, they'll get exactly that!

#partner #friendship #alcohol
Devon Barrow
January 27 2022

Are These 3 Sneaky Habits Secretly Sabotaging Your Mental Health?

Take a peek.

#mbgpodcast #brain #stress #alcohol #mbgsupplements
Jason Wachob
January 14 2022

Drinking Alcohol Makes It Easier To Fall Asleep: True Or False?

A sleep specialist breaks down the good, the bad, and the ugly on alcohol and sleep.

#alcohol #mbgsupplements #sleep
Emma Loewe
January 13 2022

All The Buzzy Terms To Know When Choosing Wine (& What They Even Mean)

Overwhelmed in the aisles? We've got you covered.

#drinks #alcohol
Eliza Sullivan
December 26 2021

An MD's Absolute Favorite Festive (& Healthyish) Mulled Wine Recipe

As soon as the weather turns, I look forward to making this mulled wine.

#holiday #drinks #alcohol #Antioxidant
Bindiya Gandhi, M.D.
December 22 2021
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The Best Non-Alcoholic Craft Beers For Everyone On Your Gift List

This year, we're stocking up on non-alcoholic craft beers so that we can still partake in the festive fun but wake up the next morning feeling merry...

#partner #alcohol
Devon Barrow
December 13 2021

Try This Fun "Boo-zy" Green Juice Cocktail For A Healthier Halloween

Or, make it a mocktail!

#drinks #alcohol #holiday #mbgsupplements
Eliza Sullivan
October 19 2021

This One Habit May Be The Key To Sustaining A Healthy Diet (Hint: We All Do It)

(And alcohol consumption.)

#news #alcohol #sleep #mbgsupplements
Sarah Regan
September 9 2021

I'm An Herbalist & This Drink Instantly Relaxes Me (Nope, Not Booze)

It's sweet, tart, and packed with functional ingredients.

#Herbs #alcohol #functional nutrition
Emma Loewe
August 10 2021

6 Herbs & Flowers To Grow At Home For Bartender-Level Cocktails

Cheers to fresher happy hours.

#gardening #Herbs #plants #alcohol
Emma Loewe
August 4 2021

Anxiety After Drinking Alcohol? Psychologists Explain Why Some Get "Hangxiety"

The metaphorical pounding headache.

#alcohol #anxiety
Abby Moore
June 17 2021

4 Better-For-You Cocktails You'll Want To Sip All Summer Long

We reached out to some of our favorite R.D.s and food experts to tell us what healthy cocktails and mocktails they'll be sipping on this season.

#drinks #alcohol #kombucha
Olessa Pindak
May 29 2021

These RDs Mixed Up Some Inflammation-Fighting Mocktails For The Long Weekend

Celebrate the start of summer!

#alcohol #inflammation #drinks
Eliza Sullivan
May 27 2021
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Live Without Compromise: How We're Refreshing Our Routine This Spring

Let's get healthier this spring, without sacrificing all the fun and pleasures in life.

#partner #alcohol #drinks
Devon Barrow
May 10 2021