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This Sustainable Gathering Is The Most Fun Night You'll Have With Your Friends In 2022

January 27, 2022
Branded Content Editor
Image by Melissa Rosenthal / mbg Creative
January 27, 2022

We're all eyeing something in our best friend's closet that we'd like to "borrow" and never give back. Whether you've been pining over that cozy sweater or the dress that fits you like a glove—a Sustainable Clothing Swap Soiree is your chance to claim what you've always felt is rightfully yours!

Clothing swaps have been trending—and it's no wonder why. They're the new, sustainable way to swap styles and revamp your wardrobe. Add in some fun Ketel One Botanical cocktails, sustainable decorations, and trust us when we say your friends (and their bursting closets) are waiting. So here are the five tips you need to get your first Sustainable Clothing Swap Soiree off the ground:


Communicate the ground rules and build excitement.

The most important part of a successful clothing swap is laying down a few ground rules first. Let your friends know how many pieces of clothing they should bring. Anywhere between two and 10 is ideal—any more and you'll end up with a pile of clothing nobody wanted. Encourage your friends to bring pieces that are still in great condition but that they're ready to pass on. To set the stage for the fun that's about to come, start a text chain with your friends and ask them to send pictures of what they're bringing to the party!


Turn your home into a little boutique.

Hosting a clothing swap is simple; you just have to make space for displaying everyone's treasures. Have a little fun turning your home into a cozy boutique. Clear a table for folded items. Use a hanging rack that your friends can sift through. Set up a little curtain as a makeshift dressing room and set out a full-length mirror. If you want to go the extra mile, set up a station where your buds can put their new scores in compostable paper bags and tissue paper!


Make your swap a soiree with botanical cocktails and snacks.

The mall may have tantalizing cinnamon buns, but they're no match for the effervescent cocktails that you get to serve up at your soiree. Infused with natural fruit and botanical essences, the delightful taste of Ketel One Botanical will pair perfectly with your girls' night. Leave it to a sparkling Ketel One Botanical Spritz to awaken your senses and turn this swap into a soiree:

Four Steps to Spritz:
  1. Select your favorite varietal of Ketel One Botanical vodka: Peach & Orange Blossom, Grapefruit & Rose, or Cucumber & Mint.
  2. Grab a stemmed wineglass.
  3. Pour 1.5 oz of your chosen Ketel One Botanical over ice.
  4. Top with sparkling water (about 3 ounces) and include the garnish of your choice. We love a juicy peach slice, a ripe slice of grapefruit, or a slice of cucumber with a sprig of mint!

To take your gathering to the next level; pair these delicious cocktails with some light and colorful bites. Your friends won't be able to resist this Vegan Grazing Board while they negotiate their swaps! Or, pair these Beet & Sweet Potato Chips with a zesty Vegan Pesto to complement the fresh herbal garnishes of your Ketel One Botanical Spritz.


Brighten up your soiree with sustainable decorations.

A sustainable clothing swap isn't just something fun to do—it's something that can inspire you and your friends to live a little bit greener. Show your friends what that looks like by keeping your soiree waste-free. Use sustainable decorations to bring your space to life, like fresh flowers, herbs, and fruits. Use compostable or reusable dining ware. Instead of single-use cups, give your friends a Mason jar with their name on it that they can take home as a party favor.


Donate any leftover clothing.

The goal of any Sustainable Clothing Swap Soiree is for your guests to leave with an exciting new outfit (or two, or three). But it's normal for some unwanted items to be left over. Have a plan in mind for what you'll do with leftover clothing items, like donating them to a women's shelter or a secondhand store.

When bestie bonding time feels good and does good.

When we were younger, it didn't matter what we did with our friends. Whether it was aimless laps around the mall or lounging with magazines, what mattered most was simply hanging out together. And it's the same now! Only, as adults, we can make even more out of our time together by taking steps toward a sustainable lifestyle. Who knew swapping sweaters and enjoying a Ketel One Botanical Spritz could be so much fun? A clothing swap doesn't just feel good, it does good—and cheers to that!

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