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Here at mindbodygreen, we know that stories have the power to transform, educate, and inspire, and we seek to do that with every piece of content we produce—including content created in collaboration with our advertising partners.

mindbodygreen receives funding from advertisements, sponsored content, and other partnerships. This funding allows us to make our wellness-focused content accessible to all, without a subscription fee. We have specific advertiser and sponsorship guidelines that ensure the level of advertiser input is clear to you, the reader.

Sponsored content

Sponsored content is editorial content that’s fully produced by mindbodygreen editors on a topic that is relevant to our paying partners. The advertisements and sponsorship disclaimer on this content remains live for an agreed-upon amount of time, after which the sponsorship is removed.

Sponsored content will be labeled with the following attribution: ‘Sponsored By BRAND’

Custom content

Paid content is produced in collaboration with an advertising partner and follows mindboydgreen’s editorial guidelines. The content may include products and links to the advertising partner’s site.

Paid content will be labeled with the following attribution: ‘Paid Content For BRAND’ or ‘BRAND LOGO Paid Content’

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