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11 Signs You Need To Cut Back On Booze (Even If You're Not An Alcoholic)

You can have a problem with alcohol, and not be an alcoholic. You can have a problem with alcohol and not want to quit. Here are twelve signs it's...

Caitlin Padgett
March 28 2016

The One Change I Made To Overcome Years Of Depression & Anxiety

When I sought healing from depression, my drinking habits were never under scrutiny. But after I stopped drinking, I noticed my depression and anxiety...

Annie Grace
March 23 2016

I Gave Up Alcohol 3 Weeks Ago: Here's What Happened

One evening three weeks ago, I made a life-changing decision that would’ve been inconceivable to me that very same morning. I decided to quit drinking...

Tim Martin
March 15 2016

Millennials Would Rather Exercise Than Drink, Study Says

We're over kamikaze shots and Long Island Ice Teas and sake bombs. We're grown-ups now.

Emi Boscamp
March 14 2016

Study Says Drinking Coffee Might Undo Liver Damage From Booze

No wonder we crave it so badly when we're hungover ...

Emi Boscamp
February 19 2016

How Not Drinking For 90 Days Helped Me Drop 20 Pounds, Resurrect My Marriage, and Overhaul My Career

After a series of downturns, I took an anger management course that taught me about the roles alcohol and caffeine are play in emotional volatility....

Ruari Fairbairns
February 17 2016

A Question To Help You Assess Your Relationship With Alcohol

Although I wasn't physically addicted, I believed that alcohol was vital to enjoying myself at social occasions and to relaxing at the end of a long...

Annie Grace
February 8 2016

I Gave Up Alcohol For 31 Days. Here's How It Transformed My Life

Just over a year ago, I was at the airport, returning home from a business trip to London and feeling like crap from the night before. It hit me that...

Annie Grace
December 31 2015

How To Deal With A Family Member's Unhealthy Drinking During The Holidays

So many of us have been there. Rather than looking forward to family gatherings, we start to dread them, knowing that things might get awkward (at...

Caitlin Padgett
December 30 2015

How To Avoid A Two-Week Hangover This Holiday Season

The holiday season is in full swing, and with it, opportunities for excess and overindulgence. I used to use the holidays as an excuse for partying...

Caitlin Padgett
December 26 2015

How I Embraced Sobriety Without Quitting Alcohol Completely

As someone who struggled with alcohol off and on from my midteens to my early thirties, I resisted getting “help” for many years because I thought it...

Caitlin Padgett
December 21 2015

Why Dating Sober Is Better Than The Alternative (And 11 Tips To Do It This Weekend)

I was a social drinker until 2010 when I tried the 30-Day No-Alcohol Challenge. After that, I quit alcohol cold turkey. Until that point, my dates had...

James Swanwick
December 12 2015

Your Guide To Avoiding A Hangover: What To Do Before, During & After Drinking Alcohol

It’s the holiday rush. You’re struggling to keep up with those end-of-year deadlines and buying that perfect gift for Grandma. So you forget to eat...

James Swanwick
December 11 2015

How To Effortlessly Drink Less At Holiday Parties

All too often, the holiday season is synonymous with overindulgence. Sure, treating ourselves at this time of year is reasonable — but we don’t want...

Annie Grace
December 4 2015

Science Says Exercise Might Make People Drink More Alcohol

Beer and exercise go hand in hand. No, we don't hydrate on the treadmill with a cold one, but we might celebrate a big physical feat with a pint or...

Emi Boscamp
December 2 2015

My Double Life As A High-Functioning Alcoholic (And How I Finally Found Happiness)

For most of my mid-30s and early 40s, it looked like I had it all together.

Tyler C. Beaty
November 29 2015

7 Things You Need To Know Today (November 21)

A large new study of 5,000 children found that those with prescriptions for attention disorders were more likely to be victimized at school than those...

Allison Daniels
November 21 2015

9 Wellness Experts On What Booze They ACTUALLY Choose

Everyone likes to indulge every now and again, and the holidays always offer a good occasion to grab a cookie and a cocktail and fully enjoy yourself.

Leah Vanderveldt
November 20 2015