5 Things You Need To Know Today (February 23, 2018)

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1. Fitness-related social media posts are a double-edged sword.

New research shows that, on the one hand, seeing fitness posts in your feed can surface body-image-related issues for people prone to comparing themselves to others. On the flip side, it can be motivating enough to inspire healthy action. The key seems to be setting intentions around social media, and studies like this show that it all comes down to knowing thyself. (EurekAlert)

2. How bad is a soda a day for your health? Bad.

Researchers studied over 35,000 Australians and found that those who regularly consumed at least one sugary soft drink a day were at increased risk of cancer. The correlation between soft drink consumption and cancer was present independent of obesity. So go for the seltzer! (The Guardian)

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3. There's a new reason to end your day with a glass of Malbec.

We've known for years that red wine has some pretty great health benefits, but now a new study, published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, shows that it's also good for your teeth and gums. Apparently, the polyphenols in red wine fight bad bacteria that cause plaque, gum disease, and cavities. Happy hour, anyone? (mindbodygreen)

4. McDonald's has a new vegan burger...and it's actually pretty good.

McDonald's has actually had a vegan burger on its menu for years, but its recent innovation was that it should actually taste good. After trying over 100 different options, the company settled on a soy-based version that testers noted had a nice texture and not unpleasant, "ramen-like" flavor. It's available only in Scandinavia for now but hopefully will expand globally in the future. (NPR)

5. AI could be an ally in the fight against climate change.

There have been some amazing innovations in artificial intelligence lately—some of which may help us cope with climate change. Think: a machine that compiles weather data to predict the intensity and length of future storm surges. (Forbes)

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