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A Completely Objective, Nonnegotiable List Of The Best Beers For Everyday Moments

January 06, 2021
Brand Strategist
Image by IVAN GENER / Stocksy
January 06, 2021

The year 2020 was the year we all started thinking small (and we're not just talking about the living room/home office/personal gym we were all confined to). No, 2020 was the year we celebrated life's small wins, taking a step back to appreciate the little moments.

And to help commemorate these moments, we at mbg found ourselves consistently turning to an unexpected source—beer.

Beer is the Swiss Army knife of the beverage world, and—if you ask us—the perfect way to celebrate a variety of occasions. What else can cool you off on hot days, mellow you out after a long day, and serve as common ground between you and your Uncle Earl (we've all got one)? But its gift is also its curse—how do you know which beer is right for the moment?

Here are some of our favorites. Salud!

The Post-Exercise Beer 

You know the scene: You just finished up a grueling workout, and you're catching your breath while you try to prevent that bead of sweat on your nose from falling onto your new carpet. The only thing on your mind is "I need something in me...NOW." And in 2020, we found ourselves swapping our standard green juice for something a little tastier—the lager. It's clean, it's crisp, and if you ask us, it's one of the best ways to reward yourself. 

As one of the most widely available beers in the world, lagers are perfect for this particular situation (i.e., tired, sweaty, and potentially hangry) because you can pick up a six-pack pretty much anywhere.

The Wind-Down Beer

Image by MILLES STUDIO / Stocksy

It's been a day. A day full of deadlines, endless push notifications, and conference calls that could have been emails. You deserve this. You've earned this. All you want to do is relax with something that will take your focus away from that strongly worded email about Q1 deliverables. On days like this, you're probably craving something familiar. Something unfussy. Something that leaves the drama at the office (even if the "office" is your living room). You need a pilsner.

Pilsners have been brewed for centuries, so it's no surprise that they're also one of the simplest beers you can find. And it's that storied legacy and simple, iconic taste that make the pilsner (or "pils," if you want to sound cool) extremely popular today.

The "Celebration" Beer

Image by GIADA CANU / Stocksy

Why the quotes? Because celebrations come in all shapes and sizes. So whether you finally got that big promotion, got approved on that gem of an apartment (it's got TWO walk-in closets!), or just finished organizing your sock drawer by color, length, and style—we say #BeersToThat. A momentous occasion like this calls for something vibrant, fun, and cheerful. A German-Style Hefeweizen is our go-to here (bonus points if you can drink it the traditional way out of a vase glass, because honestly that just kinda feels right).

Want to expand that positive energy? Take this opportunity to support your local businesses by ordering to-go beers from your favorite restaurant or brewery! Not only are you contributing to the people who need it most, but eating (and drinking) locally is a great way to discover those harder-to-find brews you may not have otherwise.

The Nancy Meyers Beer

Named for the patron saint of the "girls-night-in movie marathon," this beer is intended for just that. Some hallmarks of the Nancy Meyers Beer include:

●     Often shared with your best friend (even if it's over Zoom)

●     Often enjoyed while marveling at a protagonist's kitchen

●     Never, under any circumstances, consumed while wearing real pants

For us, this beer is usually an IPA—we're partial to the New England style, which boasts a surprisingly fruity flavor profile, a slightly higher ABV (because, reasons), and pairs well with watching beautiful people in white turtlenecks fall hopelessly in love.

The "Just Because" Beer

The beer that needs no occasion. It doesn't require a rationale. It doesn't discriminate, and it certainly doesn't judge. Sometimes the only reason for drinking a beer is just want to drink a damn beer (trust us; you've earned it).

The Just-Because Beer is perhaps the most versatile one on this list—any of the above options would be a great choice. But if there's one beer as adaptable as this situation calls for, it's gotta be the Blonde Ale. Light, smooth, and easy-drinking, if you're "new to beer," blonde ales are one of the most approachable styles out there. Exercise some self-love and treat yourself to one because after all, surviving 2020 certainly warrants it.

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