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7 Simple-Yet-Satisfying Yoga Poses You Can Do Without Leaving Your Chair

Stretch out your entire body from your desk.

#mbg moves #yoga
Juanina Kocher
April 6 2021

Got Hip Pain? You May Need To Work This Surprising Part Of Your Body

Your hip pain may be caused by weakness—not tightness.

#pilates #Home Workout #yoga
Helen Phelan
April 3 2021

A 12-Minute Yoga Flow To Wring Out All The Tension In Those Tight Hips

Let the tension out!

#mbg moves #Home Workout #yoga
Phyllicia Bonanno
March 29 2021

This 12-Minute Yoga Flow Will Help You Feel Grounded When Your Mind Is Abuzz

Build strength and balance with this calming flow.

#yoga #mbg moves #Home Workout
Phyllicia Bonanno
March 22 2021

This Quick Bodyweight Exercise Targets A Muscle Group Most People Neglect

It'll work your whole body–particularly the triceps.

#yoga #pilates #Strength Training
Sarah Regan
March 20 2021

8 Healthy Dinner Ideas + A Perfectly Timed Workout You Can Do While It's In The Oven

Because sometimes it's actually nice to multitask.

#pilates #yoga #hiit #dinner
Eliza Sullivan
March 19 2021

Drop The Pen: Why Journaling About Gratitude Is Never Enough

Gratitude isn't meant to be passive.

#yoga #gratitude #journaling
LaRayia Gaston
March 16 2021

This 13-Minute Yoga Flow Perfectly Punctuates A Long Workday

Twist out all that tension.

#yoga #mbg moves #Home Workout
Phyllicia Bonanno
March 15 2021

This 12-Minute Yoga Flow Is Exactly What Your Achey Back Is Craving

Allow those shoulders to release, too.

#yoga #mbg moves
Phyllicia Bonanno
March 9 2021

Why You Should Do Pigeon Pose Before Bed, From A Sleep Specialist

This pose will help you snooze in no time.

#sleep #flexibility #yoga
Sarah Regan
March 5 2021

The Art Of The Mindful Morning: 5 Practices To Begin Every Day

Enjoy a 40-minute yoga flow and a conversation about the importance of mindful moments!

#partner #yoga
Devon Barrow
February 19 2021

9 Special Valentine's Day "Dates" You Can Go On Without Leaving Home

Did someone say tarot and chill?

#yoga #dating #marriage
Sarah Regan
February 14 2021

Open Your Heart (& Strengthen Your Spine) With This Juicy Backbend

How to do camel properly so you can get all the benefits.

#yoga #Heart
Sarah Regan
February 12 2021

How To Build A Well-Rounded Workout Schedule Perfectly Suited For You

Your workouts should contain these 3 elements.

#hiit #yoga #pilates #running
Stephanie Thomas, CPT
February 7 2021

This Is A Common Strength Training Mistake Trainers Note & How To Fix It

Are you paying attention to this part of your workout?

#yoga #pain
Abby Moore
February 5 2021

Why You Should Do More Forward Folds, From A Neuroscientist

Forward folds are an essential yoga posture.

#yoga #stress
Sarah Regan
January 30 2021

Try This Mind- & Body-Releasing Yoga Pose

Half-moon is great for working on strength, balance, and flexibility.

#yoga #full moon #flexibility
Sarah Regan
January 28 2021

Struggling With Sciatica Pain? Here Are 5 Yoga Poses That May Help

Five reclining poses to offer relief from sciatica.

#yoga #flexibility #movement cures #news
Abi Carver, NASM-CPT
January 12 2021

Find Your Balance (Literally) With This Ankle- & Toe-Strengthening Yoga Pose

With proper form and a little patience, anyone can stick toe stand.

#yoga #flexibility
Sarah Regan
January 9 2021

The Unfortunate Side Effect Of Not Cleaning Your Yoga Mat Enough

Your new fitness routine doesn't need to get in the way of clear skin.

#skin care #yoga #acne
Alexandra Engler
January 8 2021