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Try This Mind- & Body-Releasing Yoga Pose

Half-moon is great for working on strength, balance, and flexibility.

#yoga #full moon #flexibility
Sarah Regan
January 28 2021

Struggling With Sciatica Pain? Here Are 5 Yoga Poses That May Help

Five reclining poses to offer relief from sciatica.

#yoga #flexibility #movement cures #news
Abi Carver, NASM-CPT
January 12 2021

Find Your Balance (Literally) With This Ankle- & Toe-Strengthening Yoga Pose

With proper form and a little patience, anyone can stick toe stand.

#yoga #flexibility
Sarah Regan
January 9 2021

The Unfortunate Side Effect Of Not Cleaning Your Yoga Mat Enough

Your new fitness routine doesn't need to get in the way of clear skin.

#skin care #yoga #acne
Alexandra Engler
January 8 2021

How To Blend Mindfulness Into Your Day, From 3 Well-Being Experts

It starts with connecting to your breath.

Tara Stiles
January 7 2021

To Wear Shoes Or Not? Here Are The At-Home Workouts You Can Do Barefoot

When shoes do and don't matter in your at-home "gym."

#barre #hiit #yoga #pain
Abby Moore
January 5 2021

This Quick & Foolproof Core Exercise Looks Easy But Oh How It's Not

Give this move a try for a quick core workout.

#yoga #movement cures
Amanda Quadrini
January 3 2021

A Yoga Flow To Set Intentions & Manifest Your Goals In The Year Ahead

Try this yoga flow to set your New Year's intentions and manifest everything that you want in 2020.

#yoga #manifesting #affirmations
Claire Grieve
December 31 2020

Making Peace With A Lost Year: How I'm Processing The Grief Of 2020

For starters, I'm feeling my grief in full.

#yoga #COVID-19 #friendship #grief
Lily Silverton
December 30 2020

The 10 Most Popular Workout Routines We Ran This Year

The moves you kept coming back to.

#hiit #pilates #yoga
Abby Moore
December 30 2020

All You'll Ever Need Is This Plank Variation For A Quick Full-Body Workout

A simple, fast, and, most importantly, effective workout.

#yoga #energy #mbgmindfulmovement #hiit
Amanda Quadrini
December 26 2020

A Simple 2-Minute Yoga Pose To Help You Beat Holiday Bloat ASAP

A bit too stuffed from dinner?

#digestion #yoga #holiday
Sarah Regan
December 25 2020

3 Simple Ways To Find Your Mental "Flow State" For More Creativity & Clarity

Plus, feel more connected to yourself and others.

#yoga #anxiety #affirmations
Tara Stiles
December 16 2020

A Spicy Side-Plank Variation To Put Your Core & Obliques To The Test

Planks and all their variations are a great full-body move.

#yoga #flexibility
Sarah Regan
December 11 2020

This Approach To Exercise May Be The Secret To A Consistent Fitness Practice

The principle is all about your mental health.

#yoga #healthy aging #longevity
Helen Phelan
December 1 2020

Kiss Bloating Goodbye With These 4 Simple Exercises For Better Digestion

Skip the irritation this holiday.

#digestion #yoga #pilates
Eliza Sullivan
November 28 2020

How Long You Should Wait To Work Out After Eating, In Case You're Curious

Exactly how much time should pass between the two?

#hiit #yoga #energy #protein #running
Abby Moore
November 26 2020

The Only Yoga Pose You Need After Eating A Big Meal, According To A Yogi

It's as simple as it is effective.

#yoga #digestion #holiday
Ava Johanna
November 25 2020

Try This Yoga Instructor's One Super-Simple Way To Make Every Day More Mindful

You'll be amazed by how it changes your routine.

Tara Stiles
November 21 2020