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Teaching Kids Yoga To Help Them Overcome Trauma: Welcome To Project Peaceful Warriors

How one female entrepreneur and her team are changing the lives of children dealing with trauma.

Ray Bass, NASM-CPT
April 10 2019

Why Getting Upside Down Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Body

Besides being fun and challenging, this practice packs some serious benefits.

Tatiana Sokolova
April 9 2019

If You Only Have Time For One Yoga Pose Daily, Make It This One

These poses are easy, effective, and can be done from the comfort of your home.

Kristin Mitchell
March 22 2019

Tired Of Slipping During Yoga? Here Are Five Expert Tips To Slip-Proof Your Practice

It's about time we learn how to stop slipping and start sticking.

Ray Bass, NASM-CPT
February 26 2019