Lisa Sanfilippo, M.Sc., RYT

Registered yoga teacher & psychotherapist

Lisa Sanfilippo, M.S., RYT is a registered yoga teacher and psychotherapist, and she writes books and offers training for yoga teachers and wellbeing professionals. She is the pioneer of Sleep Recovery, a yoga based method for overcoming insomnia and improving sleep. Her aim is to offer those she works with access to deeper levels of awareness and the means of finding a deepening connection to body and mind, heart and soul.Her yoga classes draw upon bio-mechanical alignment principles, Tantric philosophy, art, and psychology.

Lisa's practiced yoga since 1997 and taught since 2002. She seeks to challenge and refresh you on all levels with yoga postures, breath work, meditation and sound. She became a dedicated yoga practitioner in 1997, after graduating Brown University and moving to New York and began teaching yoga to students at the LSE in 2002, where she was completing her first Master’s degree. Soon after, she was invited to teach at Triyoga and the Life Center, where she has remained for many years.

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