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8 Best Yoga Shorts That Are Perfect For Any Type Of Flow

Kristine Thomason
Updated on February 2, 2022
Kristine Thomason
Health Writer & Editor
By Kristine Thomason
Health Writer & Editor
Kristine is a writer, editor, and editorial consultant who lives in Long Beach, CA.
Last updated on February 2, 2022
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I'm a fan of yoga leggings as much as anyone—heck, I practically wear them every day, during workouts and otherwise.

However, if I'm moving through a flow during warm-weather months or taking a hot yoga class, the staple waist-to-ankle activewear can feel a bit...much. That's where yoga shorts come in.

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In my opinion, the definition of "yoga shorts" is pretty flexible. While some shorts are designed for yoga specifically, I also like wearing bike shorts or looser gym shorts, depending on the setting and type of yoga.

As a health and fitness editor, I've tested out a lot of workout shorts, and the below are my favorites for yoga.

Beyond Yoga Spacedye High Waisted Biker Short

I've raved about Beyond Yoga's wide variety of leggings for years—particularly those made with their signature "spacedye" material, which is ultralight and soft to the touch. Now, the brand makes biker shorts with the same fabric, and they're by far some of the most comfortable shorts I've ever worn. Bonus points: They have pockets!

Spacedye Team Pockets High Waisted Biker Short, Beyond Yoga ($68)

Beyond Yoga spacedye shorts
Beyond Yoga

Janji Groundwork Pace Short

These shorts are technically designed for running, but they're all-stars for just about any workout. The material is incredibly moisture-wicking, perfect for even the sweatiest yoga flows. Plus, they stay put better than any shorts I've tried, thanks to strategic silicone grippers that line the hem.

6" Groundwork Pace Short, Janji ($48)

Janji shorts

Under Armour Meridian Bike Shorts

Another reliable supportive bike short, perfect for ultra-sweaty yoga workouts. Beyond checking so many of my boxes (pockets! moisture-wicking! quick-drying!), it's worth noting these shorts feature anti-odor technology to keep that post-workout stink at bay.

UA Meridian Bike Shorts, Under Armour ($36)

Under armour shorts

Wolven Midi Bike Shorts

There are a lot of things I love about these shorts: the wrap waistband, pockets, vegan suede-like material, and the variety of beautiful colors. But what I appreciate most is the fact that they're certified carbon-neutral, made with 84% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Midi Bike Short, Wolven ($66)

Wolven shorts

Lululemon Align Shorts

If you love Lululemon's Align leggings, look no further than these shorts. Designed specifically for yoga, they're made with the brand's signature buttery-soft Nulu fabric—which is designed to wick sweat and breathe with ease. These shorts also come in four different lengths (4", 6", 8", and 10") so you can choose whichever option you prefer.

4" Align Shorts, Lululemon ($58)

Lululemon align shorts

FP Movement Good Karma Shorts

I'm a big fan of Free People's Good Karma collection, including these fitted shorts. The wide, ribbed waistband feels supportive, without constricting—and the stretchy fabric molds to your body like a dream. Plus, there are tiny holes along the sides for a little extra breathability.

Good Karma Shorts, Free People ($29.95)

FP Movement shorts
Free People

Vuori Rib Studio Short

Vuori has mastered the art of silky-smooth performance material, and that includes the fabrication of these studio shorts. The lightweight shorts are quick-drying, feature a secure ribbed waistband, plus they come in an array of dreamy neutral colors, like this gorgeous terra-cotta hue.

Rib Studio Short, Vuori ($38)

Vuori shorts

Athleta Ultimate Stash Pocket Short

By now, you've probably gathered I'm all for workout clothes with pockets—but that's only one of the reasons I recommend these Athleta shorts. I also like the high-performance recycled nylon material, which wicks sweat and keeps you dry from downward dog to savasana.

Ultimate Stash Pocket 7" Short, Athleta ($59)

Athleta shorts
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Kristine Thomason
Health Writer & Editor

Kristine is a writer, editor, and editorial consultant who lives in Long Beach, CA. Kristine is a New York University graduate with a degree in journalism and psychology, and also a NASM-certified personal trainer. She has spent her editorial career focused on health and well-being, and formerly worked for Women’s Health and Health. Her byline has also appeared in Men’s Health, Greatist, Refinery29, HGTV, and more. In her current role she oversees, edits, and writes for the health, food, and movement sections of mindbodygreen.