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Anti-Inflammatory Golden Turmeric + Ginger Breakfast Bowl

With summer almost here, what better way to celebrate the changing season than with a nourishing, delicious breakfast alternative that can be served...

Rachel Ball
June 5 2015

Strawberry-Rhubarb Chia Parfait

'Tis the season for rhubarb! This tart plant is usually used as a fruit, but actually qualifies as a vegetable. Rhubarb is a perennial, which means it...

Abigail Hopkins
May 31 2015

4 Plant-Based Mason Jar Meals For A Lighter Lunch

Sure, we're all into the idea of packing a healthy lunch to bring to work. But between the unappealing Tupperware, figuring out which items may or may...

Christina Liva
May 13 2015

Moroccan-Spiced Tofu Tacos With Kohlrabi, Watercress + Tahini

Taco night just got fancy(ish). Wanting to try something a little different, we used Moroccan flavors, swapped out chicken for tofu to keep this...

Anca Toderic
May 10 2015

9 Simple Tips To Eat More Fruits & Veggies Every Day

We all have heard some variation of this nutritional advice since we were kids: “Eat your veggies, finish your fruit.” It's abundantly clear that...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
May 7 2015

Why You Should Eat Avocados Every Day (If You Aren't Already!)

It’s no secret that I love to eat. My favorite food of all? Avocados. I’m bananas for them! Avocados are truly one of nature’s little miracle foods...

Frank Lipman, M.D.
May 4 2015

7 Ways To Get Meat-Eaters To Love Plants

Whether you’re on a Paleo, vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, slow-carb, low-carb or Mediterranean diet, every single healthy nutritional protocol on the...

Julie Piatt
April 28 2015

Vegan "Tuna" Wraps (The Only Thing Missing Is The Mercury!)

What if I could give you a little piece of your childhood back in the form of a recipe made of whole, plant-based foods that will not only nourish...

Julie Piatt
April 27 2015

6 Great Reasons To Ditch Dairy & Switch To Nuts

Have you been wanting to shift into eating healthier, but just can’t imagine life without dairy? I feel your pain.

Julie Piatt
April 24 2015

Cranberry Protein Bars (Sweetened Only With Raw Honey)

The protein bars you grab off the shelf of a convenience store are often full of questionable ingredients. The best way to get around this, is to make...

Abigail Hopkins, R.N.
April 22 2015

The Easiest Black Bean Burger You’ll Ever Make

Veggie burgers don’t always get the best reputation. Store-bought versions (though not all of them) are usually tiny (causing you to need to grill...

Talia Pollock
April 21 2015

Greens, Egg + Yam

A vegetarian take on a Dr. Seuss classic, this is a delicious, satisfying way to start the day.

Emily Ehlers
April 17 2015

Easy, Delicious 15-Minute Meal: Zoodles With Creamy Avocado Pesto

As a girl on the go, finding easy-to-make, plant based meals has become a necessity. Whip up this filling vegan (and raw!) dinner in just 15 minutes...

Danielle Sobel
April 13 2015

3 Meatless Mains That Are Pretty Genius

In Kristen Miglore's newly released "Genius Recipes," the Executive Editor of Food52 shares recipes that she has found to be sheer genius from chefs...

Kristen Miglore
April 12 2015

A Kale + Quinoa Spin On A Greek Classic

Kale is the ancient member of the cabbage family and was widely consumed in ancient Greece. It was and still is used for medicinal purposes. To the...

Maria Benardis
March 28 2015

The 5 Best Outcomes Since I Quit Eating Meat 20 Years Ago

Twenty years ago, my father had a massive heart attack. While sitting in the hospital with my mother, awaiting news of his condition, I overheard...

Monica Parikh
March 23 2015

Spaghetti Squash "Pasta" With Fresh Herbs

Looking for a wheat- and gluten-free pasta alternative? This spaghetti squash with fresh herbs will definitely hit the spot.

Dawna Stone
March 18 2015

Plant-Based Twists On French Bistro Classics

It's true. France is famed for its perfectly baked breads, crispy, buttery pastries and meat-centric plats (that's French for "entrée," a word that we...

Rebecca Leffler
March 7 2015

Crispy Roasted Parsnip Fries

I opened my fridge, looked in the vegetable drawer and despaired — I had four big parsnips almost past their best. Not in the mood for soup, I decided...

Joanna Fiminska
March 2 2015