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From Calm To Tense, Here Are The Top 13 Emotions Music Makes Us Feel

We all know music can be emotional, but a recent study at U.C.-Berkeley has identified the key emotions associated with listening to music.

Christina Coughlin
January 7

3 Ways Exercise Reconfigures The Brain To Help You Find Joy & Purpose

Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., says mindful movement can literally reconfigure the brain.

Jason Wachob
January 3

One Gift Idea With Mental Health Benefits You Probably Haven't Thought Of

This holiday season, the gift of therapy is now one of the easiest to give.

Krista Soriano
December 9 2019

Ready To Unleash Your Full Potential? Deepak Chopra's New Book Is About To Show You How

What is your true self? Here's how to know, according to Deepak Chopra.

Krista Soriano
October 3 2019

3 Ways Parents Shape Their Kids' Emotional Intelligence Without Realizing It

Hint: It all has to do with how parents express their OWN emotions.

Marc Brackett, Ph.D.
September 4 2019

3 Benefits Of Thinking About Your Mortality At Least Once A Day

Plus, how to shift your mindset if thinking about death triggers fear.

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This Company Is Proving That Joy Is All About Paying It Forward

Watch as they upgraded their weekly office Happy Hour to a next-level Harvest Happy Hour.

Krista Soriano
August 1 2019

The 15 Spiritual Practices That Helped Me Overcome Low Self-Esteem

"Being confident in yourself is one of the hardest things to do in a society that cherishes sameness."

Sah D’Simone
July 30 2019
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Only 3 In 10 People Love Their Jobs — So This Company Changed One Major Thing

We spoke with a chief joyologist about what really cultivates happiness within a company's culture.

Krista Soriano
July 30 2019