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6 Out-Of-The-Box Ideas For A More Creative & Spontaneous Summer

June 15, 2022
Image by ZHPH Production / Stocksy
June 15, 2022

Summer is the season to prioritize having fun and living life at full flavor. While we all love a good summer barbecue and impromptu beach trip, the heat of summertime invites us to spice things up and think outside the box when it comes to our weekend plans. 

This season means something different for everyone (to find out your summer personality, take our quiz!). But for our culture connoisseurs and well-tanned travelers out there, summer means indulging our spontaneity, whether that's finally getting on the pottery wheel, visiting a new destination, or simply enjoying the unique flavor artistry of Waterloo Sparkling Water. Your pals may be content grabbing a brew and lying poolside, but you see summer as a chance to expand your horizons. And to get you started, we've created a summer bucket list as eclectic as you are.

Your outside-the-box summer bucket list:

1. Take a star-studded road trip.

Grab your friends and gather your gear. National parks offer some of the most beautiful scenery and satisfying hikes nature has to offer, and what better way to explore the country's culture than a road trip? Choose which parks you want to hit, and map out a route that allows you to see different sights and cities along the way. Create a killer playlist, and hit the road!

Take it up a notch:

Venture out on a new moon and scout the best stargazing spots in your area. Set up camp somewhere away from a city or town to avoid artificial light that could cloud a starry sky. Curate a cozy setup with pillows and blankets where you can cuddle comfortably under the night sky. Crack open some Waterloo Blackberry Lemonade Sparkling Water to add a dynamic twist of flavor to the experience. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. 

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2. Take a tour of your city's art museums.

Summer and inspiration go hand-in-hand, and nothing gets the creative juices flowing like exploring other artists' work. Plan a Saturday to hop around different art museums in your city. Book an alfresco lunch reservation where you can sip in the sunshine and take in the summer breeze before crossing the rest of the galleries off your list. Explore museums that offer mediums and styles that differ from your typical taste; you never know what may catch your eye!

Take it up a notch:

Nothing complements a day in the city like impromptu shopping. Grab your bestie and hit up the thrift stores before you head out exploring. Come up with a budget, and pick out an outfit for each other to rock for the rest of the day. Have fun with it, and be open to experimenting with a new look to accompany your artistic endeavors. 

3. Enjoy an outdoor jazz show.

Live music on a warm summer evening is a seasonal staple. For an extra-sophisticated flare, do some research to find local jazz bands putting on outdoor concerts in your local area. Pick a show at one of your favorite parks or open-air venues, gather your friends, and circle around an epic picnic. Keep the cooler stocked with plenty of Waterloo Black Cherry Sparkling Water for a nostalgic twist that delights with every single sip.

Take it up a notch:

Take your love for smooth sax and double bass to the next level at a jazz festival this season. Jazz fests are hosted all throughout the country in the summertime and are hubs for enjoying art, live music, and like-minded company. Find a festival that's calling your name, and make a weekend trip out of it, exploring the flavors of a new city while enjoying some of your favorite tunes. 

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4. Master a new craft.

Nothing sparks creativity and childlike joy like learning something new. Summer is the perfect time to get curious and try out different workshops or courses. From pottery lessons to cooking classes, there's no limit to what you can learn and create. Take inventory of an art form or skill you have always wanted to try, then check out the resources your local area has to offer. Tap into that "beginner's mind" and enjoy!

Take it up a notch:

Gather your creative collective and teach one another something new. If you have a friend who's a Picasso-level painter, a co-worker who lives and breathes botany, and a sibling who could win the Great British Bake-Off, host a weekly gathering where one person shares and teaches their craft to the group. Take turns teaching and learning for a summer social event that leaves everyone inspired and ready to create.

5. Plan a solo vacation.

For you, nothing says summertime like the thrill of passport stamps and touching down in a new country. Pull up your Pinterest board, grab your passport, and plan a trip to the destination you've been dreaming about. No need to rally the troops, a solo trip gallivanting around foreign lands is just what the doctor ordered. Planning your own itinerary, moving at your own pace, and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is what this season is all about.

Take it up a notch:

Instead of opting for a poolside stay or all-inclusive resort, go the more authentic route. Rent a local apartment or room in a niche boutique hotel or bed-and-breakfast. Choose a city that gives you the opportunity to try new foods, listen to new music, and speak a new language. Open yourself up to a new culture and way of living!

Image by evgenyatamanenko / istock

6. Host a backyard movie night.

It's time to up your antics when it comes to your regularly scheduled summer movie nights. Migrate your movie night outdoors by setting up a projector in your backyard. Pick your favorite old-school film, put the popcorn on the stove, and shoot a text to your group chat to put a pin in everyone's Friday night plans. 

Take it up a notch:

Go all out curating a cozy environment for an evening that mimics an old-school drive-in movie but better. Hang string lights, lay out floor cushions, and set up a create-your-own-popcorn station. Keep a cooler stocked with Waterloo Sparkling Water to keep your beverage game fresh and flavorful. Get creative and have fun setting the scene for a summer evening nobody will forget. 

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