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The Reason Nearly Everything Turns You On Before & During Your Period

Feeling hot and bothered? This may be why.

#healthy period #libido #hormones
Abby Moore
October 16 2020

Why Some Women Get A Period Flu & How To Manage It, From MDs

Is it PMS or the flu?

#healthy period #immunity
Abby Moore
August 28 2020

7 OB/GYN-Approved Pad & Tampon Alternatives For A Lower-Waste Period

Sea sponges, period-proof leggings, and reusable pads galore.

#healthy period #environmentalism
Sarah Regan
August 28 2020

All Your Questions About Period Sex, Answered By Doctors

How to have great period sex. Because why not?

#healthy period #libido #empowerment
Alex Shea
July 24 2020

Buh-Bye Cramps, Bloating & Moodiness: 5 Supplements To Ease Period Symptoms

They can be helpful for banishing bloat, curbing cranky moods, and soothing painful cramps.

#mbgsupplements #healthy period #pain
Joni Sweet
June 12 2020

An Hour Of Yoga May Help Ease PCOS Symptoms By 29%, New Study Finds

Talk to your doctor about adding mindful yoga to your PCOS treatment plan.

#yoga #healthy period #hormones #news
Abby Moore
April 16 2020

Cup Curious Right Now? Relax: Here’s How To Make A Comfortable Switch

Cup Curious Right Now? Relax: Here’s How To Make A Comfortable Switch

#partner #healthy period #feminism
Krista Soriano
April 8 2020

This Is When Women Are More Likely To Find Men Attractive

Do cycles really make a difference?

#hormones #healthy period #single life #news
Sarah Regan
March 11 2020

Yes, Your Vagina Has A Microbiome & Researchers Just Mapped It

It's more than just the gut!

#microbiome #news #healthy period
Sarah Regan
February 27 2020

How Doctors Can Care For Patients With ADHD Beyond Adolescence

These risks become less monitored as children transition to adulthood.

#brain #healthy aging #healthy period #news
Abby Moore
February 13 2020

How A Hormone Expert Changes Her Morning Routine Throughout The Month

Alisa Vitti says it isn't so much what we do, anymore. It's when.

#mbgpodcast #healthy period #hiit
Jason Wachob
January 31 2020

Study Finds A More Accurate Blood Test To Predict Menopause In Women Over 40

These hormone levels can predict your final period 12 to 24 months out.

#news #healthy aging #healthy period
Abby Moore
January 22 2020

How Turmeric Can Alleviate PMS & When To Take It For Maximum Results

We spoke with a "spice expert" on how supplementation can curb symptoms of PMS.

#healthy period #turmeric #supplements
Christina Coughlin
January 12 2020

What This M.D. Wants You To Know About Intermittent Fasting & Your Period

Taking a break from fasting may be beneficial for your health.

#healthy period #intermittent fasting #hormones
Jamie Schneider
December 18 2019

This Is The Biggest Menstruation Myth & It's More Common Than You Think

In fact, 80 million women experience it.

#healthy period #depression
Kirsten Karchmer, LAc
December 13 2019

Understanding The 4 Period Archetypes Can Help You Have A Better Cycle

Spoiler alert: You are very unlikely to be just one archetype.

#healthy period #sleep #anxiety
Kirsten Karchmer, LAc
November 11 2019

It's National Period Day: 7 Tangible Ways To Help End Period Poverty

"Menstrual hygiene is a right, not a privilege."

#healthy period #empowerment
Kelly Gonsalves
October 19 2019

4 Reasons You May Have Lost Your Period + How To Get It Back

It's time to go looking for your period.

#healthy period #hormones
Jolene Brighten, N.D.
September 30 2019