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Concerned About Your PMS? You Should Understand This Phase Of Your Cycle

Take control of your cycle.

#healthy period #hormones
Anna Cabeca, D.O.
October 1 2021

The 3 Most Critical Times For Women's Brain Health, From A Neuroscientist

I call these critical life stages the three P's: puberty, pregnancy, and perimenopause.

#brain #Perimenopause #healthy period
Lisa Mosconi, Ph.D.
September 19 2021

How To Eat Based On Your Menstrual Cycle Phase, According To An MD

One way to practice hormonal maintenance is by eating in tune with your cycle.

#healthy period
Bindiya Gandhi, M.D.
June 29 2021

Struggle With Blood Sugar Spikes? An MD Wants You To Consider This

You may want to prioritize these foods during the luteal phase.

#Blood Sugar #metabolism #healthy period
Casey Means, M.D.
May 31 2021

Switching To Menstrual Cups? Here Are The Best For Every Body & Budget

Because there are lots of factors to consider.

#healthy period
Abby Moore
May 28 2021

9 Not-So-Obvious Signs Your Body May Send If It's Chronically Stressed

Do you always get sick?

#stress #mbgsupplements #gut health #healthy period

This Is What's Happening To Your Brain During Your Period, From A Neuroscientist

PMS is more than just bloating and cramps.

#brain #hormones #healthy period

Is This One PMS Symptom Making All Your Side Effects Worse? An OB/GYN Explains

Is this PMS symptom really dictating all the rest?

#sleep #healthy period #hormones
Abby Moore
May 9 2021

2 Snacks To Satisfy Pesky Period Cravings, From A Gynecologist

Yes, chocolate is included.

#snacks #healthy period #protein
Abby Moore
April 22 2021

3 Crucial Body Cues To Note When Choosing A Workout

Workouts shouldn't feel like a chore.

#healthy period #stress #sleep
Abby Moore
April 9 2021

The Food Texture This RD Craves When She's On Her Period & Why

What kind of cravings do you have?

#healthy period #functional nutrition #energy #fats #Blood Sugar
Abby Moore
March 30 2021

I Founded Endo Awareness Month: Here's My Experience With The Disease

We've come a long way since I was a teen with endometriosis.

#healthy period #immunity #feminism #hormones
Mary Lou Ballweg
March 18 2021

All Vaginas Are Different: Here Are 9 Different Ways It Can Look, From OB/GYNs

P.S. That's not your vagina.

#healthy period #confidence #body positivity
Abby Moore
March 5 2021

How To Use A Tube Sock As A DIY Period Cramp Soother (No Joke)

When cramps strike, a little heat goes a long way.

#healthy period #pain
Sarah Regan
February 17 2021

I'm A Geneticist & I Need You To Know "Normal" Menstrual Cycles Don't Exist

The 28- to 32-day cycle actually has a lot of variations.

#fertility #pregnancy #healthy period
Amy Divaraniya, Ph.D.
February 11 2021

Do You Know The State Of Your Vagina's Microbiome? Here's Why It Matters

What's really going on in your vagina.

#microbiome #body positivity #Perimenopause #healthy period
Ina Park M.D., M.S.
February 8 2021

Why Women Are Twice As Likely To Have Insomnia As Men + What To Do

Yet another thing we can blame on the patriarchy—and our hormones.

#healthy period #sleep #motherhood #hormones
Emma Loewe
January 23 2021

I'm An OB/GYN: Here's How To Stock Your Medicine Cabinet For Vaginal Health

What to keep on hand, in case of emergency (or anytime).

#healthy period #inflammation #pain #skin care
Abby Moore
December 9 2020

Why Does My Anxiety Flare Up Before My Period? A Psychologist Answers

A few possible reasons for pre-period anxiety and how to deal.

#Experts On Call #healthy period #anxiety
Perpetua Neo, DClinPsy
November 19 2020

I'm An OB/GYN & Here Are 5 Reasons To Look Forward To Menopause

More passionate sex? Yes, please!

#Perimenopause #confidence #healthy aging #healthy period
Susan Hardwick-Smith, MD
October 22 2020