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This Is How You Can Hack Your Cycle For More Energy

Why it matters and how to get started today.

#healthy period #energy
Kate Northrup
April 3 2019

Yes, Period Poop Is A Thing—Here’s Why Things Are Off + How To Help

Thanks, hormones!

#healthy period #digestion #hormones #mbgsupplements
Stephanie Eckelkamp
March 28 2019

Study Reveals Why It's Hard To Sleep Around Your Periods & How To Fix It

Here's what you can do to improve your sleep.

#healthy period #news
Caroline Muggia
March 23 2019

What You Should Know About The Long-Term Side Effects Of Birth Control

This is why millennials are rejecting the pill, and here's what they're embracing instead.

#empowerment #healthy period #mbgpodcast
Colleen Wachob
March 12 2019

The Benefits Of Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle — As A Couple

Here's what real intimacy looks like.

#healthy period #dating

These Graphic Designers Are Making Helping Homeless Women Incredibly Simple

Here's what you can do today

#healthy period #empowerment #social good
Caroline Muggia
February 8 2019

5 Yoga Poses To Relieve Menstrual Cramps

They're all natural and easy!

#healthy period #yoga
Sara Quiriconi
November 14 2018

5 Things You’ll Learn About Your Body After Switching From Hormonal Birth Control To Charting Your Cycles

The latest way to avoid pregnancy? It actually isn’t new at all.

#fertility #healthy period #hormones #partner
August 15 2018

Get Your Body Ready For Pregnancy (Now Or Later In Life) With This Hormone-Expert-Approved Checklist

What steps to take today to pay dividends in your fertility later on.

#healthy period
Alisa Vitti
June 25 2018

How To Avoid Period Bloat — A Hormone Expert Explains

The key to beating the bloat!

#healthy period #hormones
Alisa Vitti
June 18 2018

The Supplements This Hormone Expert Can't Live Without

Bring this list to your doctor.

#healthy period
Alisa Vitti
June 13 2018

What This Integrative Nutritionist Actually Eats In A Day To Balance Her Hormones

A rare peek into the period whisperer's daily diet.

#healthy period #hormones
Alisa Vitti
June 11 2018

The One Thing Women Can Do For A Better Sex Life

It works whether you're coupled, single, or somewhere in between.

#healthy period #hormones
Alisa Vitti
June 8 2018

On Your Period? Here's A Self-Care Guide For That Special Week

If you're a good friend, you'll share this.

#health #healthy period #menstruation #self-care #wellness
Alisa Vitti
July 20 2017

Be More Productive This Month By Hacking Your Hormones. Here's How

Make them work for you, not against you.

#health #healthy period #hormones #productivity #wellness
Alisa Vitti
April 19 2017

5 Ways Quitting The Pill Helped Save My Marriage (Seriously)

The Pill had driven a wedge between us.

#hormones #libido #healthy period
Holly Grigg-Spall
October 31 2015

Boozy Weekend Got You Down? Here's A 1-Day Hormonal Reset

There’s no getting around it: alcohol does a number on our bodies — including exacerbating hormonal issues like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, fibroids...

#alcohol #healthy period #hormones
Alisa Vitti
July 6 2015

Don't Let Your Period Stand In The Way Of Your Success

But what if you could actually benefit from the fluctuations in your biochemistry and be even more productive all month long? There is a way!

#fertility #healthy period #hormones #mind body connection #self-awareness
Alisa Vitti
November 25 2014

10 Signs Your Thyroid May Be Out Of Whack, According To Functional MDs

The thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland in the center of your neck, is the master gland of metabolism.

#hormones #Heart #energy #gut health #healthy period
Abby Moore
January 31 2013