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8 Doctor-Approved Adaptogenic Herbs For Less PMS & Better Periods

For bloating, mood swings, headaches, and more.

#Herbs #healthy period
Jolene Brighten, N.D.
July 30 2019

Constipation, SIBO & Other GI Issues Can Be A Red Flag For This Condition

Hint: It also causes extremely painful periods and affects one in 10 women.

#healthy period #gut health #digestion #hormones
Stephanie Eckelkamp
July 11 2019

Here's How The Keto Diet Can Mess With Your Period & Hormones

Here's how the keto diet may affect your hormones and cycle.

#healthy period #ketogenic
Tasha Metcalf
June 15 2019

The One Time Of Month You May Not Want To Drink, According To Experts

When (and why) you may want to skip the booze.

#healthy period #alcohol #hormones
Stephanie Eckelkamp
June 12 2019

These Tiny Seeds Pack An Incredible Healthy Punch — Here's The Best Way To Eat Them

Here are some creative ways to include this nutrient-dense seed into your diet!

#Heart #sleep #inflammation #healthy period
Caroline Muggia
May 31 2019

The Best Workouts To Stay Balanced During Each Phase Of Your Cycle

No, it's not all yoga.

#empowerment #feminism #hormones #healthy period
Ray Bass, NASM-CPT
May 31 2019

Here's What To Eat At Every Step Of Your Cycle

Plus, how to move during each phase!

#healthy period #functional nutrition
Caroline Muggia
May 28 2019

Why Tackling Period Stigma Is Necessary For Ending Period Inequality

A new study shows tackling stigma is just as important as providing access to products.

#news #healthy period #empowerment
Kelly Gonsalves
May 16 2019

This Is How You Can Hack Your Cycle For More Energy

Why it matters and how to get started today.

#healthy period #energy
Kate Northrup
April 3 2019

Yes, Period Poop Is A Thing—Here’s Why Things Are Off + How To Help

Thanks, hormones!

#healthy period #digestion #hormones #mbgsupplements
Stephanie Eckelkamp
March 28 2019

Study Reveals Why It's Hard To Sleep Around Your Periods & How To Fix It

Here's what you can do to improve your sleep.

#healthy period #news
Caroline Muggia
March 23 2019

What You Should Know About The Long-Term Side Effects Of Birth Control

This is why millennials are rejecting the pill, and here's what they're embracing instead.

#empowerment #healthy period #mbgpodcast
Colleen Wachob
March 12 2019

The Benefits Of Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle — As A Couple

Here's what real intimacy looks like.

#healthy period #dating

These Graphic Designers Are Making Helping Homeless Women Incredibly Simple

Here's what you can do today

#healthy period #empowerment #social good
Caroline Muggia
February 8 2019

5 Yoga Poses To Relieve Menstrual Cramps

They're all natural and easy!

#healthy period #yoga
Sara Quiriconi
November 14 2018

5 Things You’ll Learn About Your Body After Switching From Hormonal Birth Control To Charting Your Cycles

The latest way to avoid pregnancy? It actually isn’t new at all.

#fertility #healthy period #hormones #partner
August 15 2018

Get Your Body Ready For Pregnancy (Now Or Later In Life) With This Hormone-Expert-Approved Checklist

What steps to take today to pay dividends in your fertility later on.

#healthy period
Alisa Vitti
June 25 2018

How To Avoid Period Bloat — A Hormone Expert Explains

The key to beating the bloat!

#healthy period #hormones
Alisa Vitti
June 18 2018

The Supplements This Hormone Expert Can't Live Without

Bring this list to your doctor.

#healthy period
Alisa Vitti
June 13 2018