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These Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Waffles Will Make Your Morning

They take less than 15 minutes to make and pack in the veggies!

Caroline Muggia
March 30 2019

The Secret To Saving A Ton Of Money & Making Healthy Dinners In Minutes

Everything you need to know about the kitchen appliance taking the internet by storm.

Liz Moody
March 28 2019

The Easy Trick To Make Your Old, Tired Blender Sparkly Clean & Shiny

Plus, how to prevent it from getting messed up in the first place.

Liz Moody
March 17 2019

The Best New Healthy Foods Hitting Grocery Shelves This Year

Cookies and cream yogurt, oat milk ice cream, healthy hard-shell tacos, and more!

Liz Moody
March 13 2019

3 Easy & Affordable Paleo Breakfasts To Start Your Day Off Right

These Instant Pot recipes are nutritious and quick to make!

Caroline Muggia
March 13 2019

If You Want A Healthy Heart For Life, Do These 2 Small, Simple Things

A new study shows that watching less TV and eating a high-energy breakfast can help prevent heart attacks and strokes.