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Sweat First, Brunch Later. 7 Ideas For Creating The Ultimate Post-Workout Gathering
Image by Melissa Rosenthal / mbg Creative
January 27, 2022

If meeting your fitness goals often feels like running in place (when you want to run a mile), you're not alone. Whether you're juggling the demands of your career, running a family, staying healthy, or all the above—fitness aspirations can be plain hard. But there's one thing you can always count on to make fitness easier, and that's your best pals!

We're all craving more connection, which is why we're prioritizing quality time with our besties this year. But we're also en route to living our best lives… Which is why it's time to drag them to that spin class you've been avoiding! No one ever regrets a social sweat, especially when it's followed with loads of hydration, a protein-powered brunch, and a delightful cocktail. From bubbly Ketel One Botanical sips to a brunch spread covered in delicious eats and floral decor, make your first Spin & Brunch gathering a hit with these seven ideas:

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First things first… Get your sweat on.

The whole point of a Spin & Brunch get-together is to kick off your bonding time with a real accomplishment. And nothing says #slaying like clicking into a bike, pedaling to some killer remixes, and sweating with your friends for an hour. But if your version of an accomplishment looks like finally trying that Ashtanga yoga class or the new circuit training studio down the street—go for it. Invite your friends to put on their favorite workout outfit, grab their water bottles, and check their hesitation at the door.


Carve out time to recover and hydrate.

This occasion is all about you and your BFF's feeling your best together—inside and out. After a workout, the best thing we can do for our body and our progress is allow time for cooling down and stretching… Which are more fun together! Hold each other accountable for hydrating, too: Fill up those water bottles, and bottoms up! Studies1 have shown that even mild levels of post-exercise dehydration can cause reduced endurance, increased fatigue, and lower motivation—all of which can be easily reversed with hydration.

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Plan for your brunch ahead of time with delicious night-before recipes.

Now that you have the hard work out of the way, you and your friends can celebrate your victory with a brunch for the books. As the host, make things easier by choosing brunch recipes that can be made the night before. For a savory option loaded with vegetables and protein, prep these Eggy Bread & Veggie Muffins. And for a sweeter option that's still healthy, wow your guests with these 5-Ingredient Breakfast Cookies.


Keep your brunch bubbly with Ketel One Botanical.

Everyone knows that brunch was invented to give daytime cocktails a home. Infused with natural fruit and botanical essences, Ketel One Botanical will put a new world of flavor at your friends' fingertips. A simple Ketel One Botanical Spritz tastes both delicious and refreshing—but without the sugar and with lower ABV. Plus, this simple recipe pairs beautifully with fresh, colorful garnishes to wake up your palate and your Instagram feed.

Four Steps to Spritz:
  1. Select your favorite varietal of Ketel One Botanical vodka: Peach & Orange Blossom, Grapefruit & Rose, or Cucumber & Mint.
  2. Grab a stemmed wineglass.
  3. Pour 1.5 oz of your chosen Ketel One Botanical over ice.
  4. Top with sparkling water (about 3 ounces) and include the garnish of your choice. We love a juicy peach slice, a ripe slice of grapefruit, or a slice of cucumber with a sprig of mint!

Map out an irresistible, high-protein brunch spread.

The one tip that will make your brunch a breeze? Make it a buffet. Instead of plating your guests individually, map out a brunch spread that is as pleasing to the eye as it is the belly. Given that you're throwing a post-workout brunch, choose high-protein items while providing plenty of variety. Here's an example brunch spread that's yours for the taking:

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Now make it beautiful with botanical decor.

After a hard workout, your brunch should feel light and refreshing, from your menu to your decor. Fresh flowers and herbs are a stunning way to enliven your brunch with a little color and natural beauty. Adorn your brunch spread with loose fresh flowers, herbs, and fruits. Make a beautiful bouquet the centerpiece of your table, and surround it with a few candles. To surprise your besties, set a matching mini-bouquet on each plate as a little party favor. (If you need help with easy flower arrangements, check out this guide!)


Keep the vibe fresh.

Once your friends have their effervescent Ketel One Botanical cocktail in hand and a full plate of nourishing food—it's finally time to kick back. Create an ambience that helps your friends take a beat and appreciate the moment. Choose an upbeat and fun Spotify playlist to keep your brunch buzzing. Simmer a little potpourri on the stovetop to keep your home smelling incredible. With all five senses engaged, this isn't your basic brunch… It's a brand-new tradition!

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