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Pregnant Sex Is Totally Safe: Here Are 25 Doctor-Approved Positions & Tips

Who says the fun needs to stop once you have the bun in the oven?

#pregnancy #motherhood #libido #body positivity
Farrah Daniel
January 27 2021

4 Postpartum Exercises To Help Relieve Symptoms Of Diastasis Recti

It's all about strengthening your transverse abdominis.

#pilates #pregnancy
Helen Phelan
January 15 2021

What Does It Mean To Be Pregnant In A Dream? Asking For A Friend...

Dreams can be a fascinating and informative peek into our subconscious.

#sleep #pregnancy
Sarah Regan
November 26 2020

Postpartum Hair Loss? 5 Tips To Sprout Your Full Pre-Pregnancy Locks

Everything you need to know, vetted by experts. 

#hair #motherhood #pregnancy
Jamie Schneider
September 23 2020

8 Stretches & Exercises To Help Manage Lower-Body Pain From Pregnancy

How to alleviate common pregnancy pains from the comfort of home.

#flexibility #pain #pregnancy #COVID-19
Abby Moore
August 6 2020

An OB/GYN On The Maternal Health Disparities Black Women Face

Black maternal lives matter, and Black babies matter, too.

#pregnancy #motherhood
Abby Moore
June 27 2020

3 Pregnancy Stretches To Increase Flexibility In Your Spine, Hips & Legs

Plus, they'll help prepare your body for labor.

#pregnancy #yoga #pilates

Can You Take Probiotics While You're Pregnant? Doctors Weigh In

Are probiotic supplements safe for your baby, too?

#mbgsupplements #gut health #microbiome #pregnancy
Abby Moore
May 30 2020

Researchers Identify The Time Of Year Most Americans Get Pregnant

The study was the first of its kind.

#pregnancy #news
Sarah Regan
February 20 2020

This Veggie Could Help Reduce Blood Pressure In Pregnant Women

High blood pressure is bad for many reasons, but when it affects someone who is pregnant, the consequences can be even worse.

#news #pregnancy #superfoods
Christina Coughlin
February 19 2020

The Makeup Ingredient Research Says Pregnant Moms Should Look Out For

Yet another reason to stick with natural makeup.

#organic #news #pregnancy
Sarah Regan
February 13 2020

New To Parenthood & Overwhelmed By In-Laws? Here's How To Set Boundaries

Complex shifts are underway.

#motherhood #pregnancy
Britta Bushnell, Ph.D.
January 30 2020

Amy Schumer Reveals She's Doing IVF & Gets Real About What It's Like

Amy Schumer is asking her social media followers for advice about IVF.

#news #celebrity #pregnancy
Abby Moore
January 10 2020

When Can Couples Safely Stop Using Condoms During Sex?

And why many couples still use them.

#dating #marriage #pregnancy
Sarah Fielding
December 22 2019

Too Soon? 10 Signs Your Relationship Isn't Ready For A Baby

Just because you want to be parents doesn't mean you're ready.

#pregnancy #motherhood
Weena Wise, LCMFT
November 10 2019

3 Exercises (Almost) Every Woman Should Try After Giving Birth

Here's what this expert recommends.

#pregnancy #empowerment #hormones
Blair Green, DPT
October 25 2019

Acupuncture Got Me Through My Pregnancy — And Not Just Physically

It's not just about the needles.

#pregnancy #Acupuncture
Risa Kerslake, R.N.
August 7 2019

This Diet May Prevent Unhealthy Weight Gain In Pregnant Women, Study Finds

It's been linked to loads of other physical and mental perks as well.

#functional nutrition #inflammation #pregnancy
Stephanie Eckelkamp
July 23 2019

7 Holistic Ways To Deal With Anxiety During Your Pregnancy

Especially in the first trimester, it's so normal to be overwhelmed and freaked out.

#pregnancy #anxiety
Sarah Ezrin
July 12 2019

How Soon After Having A Baby Can You Exercise? An Expert Explains

Your body and your doctor have the answers.

#pregnancy #breastfeeding #depression #hormones
Heather Marr
July 2 2019