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8 Things No One Tells You About Post-Baby Recovery And Self-Care

Read this if you or anyone you know is having a baby, trust us.

#partner #pregnancy
Melinda Olson
April 2 2019

Why Pregnant Couples Should Totally Have Sex (And How To Do It Well!)

Pregnancy sex is healthy and great for expecting couples.

#pregnancy #orgasm
Julia Guerra
March 24 2019

The Bizarre Side Effect Of Having A Male Twin

Hint: It has to do with hormones.

#pregnancy #motherhood #news
Caroline Muggia
March 19 2019

Is This New, Hormone-Free Birth Control Too Good To Be True?

A new study shows that Dot, an evidence-based fertility awareness method app, can be used to prevent pregnancy.

#pregnancy #fertility #hormones #technology #news
Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
March 18 2019

New Study Finds Exactly How Much Sleep Parents Lose After Having A Kid

New research has found the exact amount of sleep you can kiss goodbye if you're ready to raise a kid.

#sleep #stress #pregnancy #news
Elizabeth Gerson
February 26 2019

Sheeva Talebian, M.D., On Fertility & The No. 1 Reason Women Are Not Getting Pregnant

Hint: It takes two to tango.

#mbgpodcast #pregnancy #fertility
Colleen Wachob
January 22 2019

How To Create A Birth Plan In 5 Steps, According To A Midwife

We know what you might be thinking: What is a birth plan, and what's the point exactly? We've got answers.

#childbirth #fertility #parenting advice #parenting #pregnancy
Elizabeth Bachner
January 7 2019

Pregnant? Avoiding This Food Could Lower Your Baby's Risk For Diabetes

Why avoiding gluten during pregnancy could become the norm.

#pregnancy #hormones #gluten #gluten-free #Blood Sugar
David Perlmutter, M.D.
December 8 2018

Wellness Moms Weigh In With Their No. 1 Piece Of Advice For Meghan Markle

With Meghan Markle's first pregnancy around the corner, we are anxiously awaiting her top tips.

#pregnancy #news
Olessa Pindak
October 16 2018

These Herbs Can Help You Get Through Labor

How herbs, including dates and raspberry leaf tea, can help you get through labor.

#pregnancy #hormones #Herbs
Aviva Romm, M.D.
October 10 2018

5 Ways Breathwork Can Support A Mindful Pregnancy

How breathwork can help your body create another body

#breastfeeding #breath #pregnancy
Ashley Neese
September 23 2018

Confinement Month: 26 Days Of Reclusivity & Healing For New Mothers

You can't wash your hair, drink cold water, or do any chores.

#Traditional Chinese Medicine #pregnancy
Amy Chang
May 23 2018

The Scary Postpartum Condition That Caught Me Completely Off Guard — And What I Did About It

Every new mom should know about this.

#anxiety #depression #motherhood #pregnancy
Elizabeth Baker
May 10 2018

These Common Myths Will Change The Way You Think About Exercise During Pregnancy

Yes, you probably should keep doing core work.

#motherhood #pregnancy #running #yoga
Blair Fillingham
May 6 2018

What Is Colostrum? A New Mom's Comprehensive Guide

It's even more amazing than you thought.

#motherhood #pregnancy
Jamie Morea
March 28 2018

DHA — The Essential Fatty Acid That Helps With Pregnancy, Brain Health, The Nervous System & More

Your body can't make it on its own.

#breastfeeding #fertility #pregnancy #supplements

Sakara's Co-Founder On The Joy Of Pregnancy & The Secret She Wishes She Hadn't Kept

Plus, what she's most looking forward to about raising a daughter.

#motherhood #pregnancy
Leigh Weingus
March 21 2018

Colostrum Powder: How Effective Is It, Really?

An expert breaks it all down.

#pregnancy #supplements
Anjelica Malone, CLEC
March 15 2018