Wellness Moms Weigh In With Their No. 1 Piece Of Advice For Meghan Markle

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Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle confirmed yesterday that she's a mom-to-be, delighting fans everywhere. While no details have been revealed yet about how the royal is navigating her pregnancy, we do know that she has some pretty solid wellness practices in place to guide her and her bump.

Her approach to wellness can be summed up in one word: Balance. Meghan has been practicing yoga since she was young (her mom is a teacher), so perhaps now she'll indulge in a little prenatal yoga? She relies on meditation to stay centered and loves the detoxifying benefits of starting off her morning with lemon water. In the afternoon, she opts for a green juice to keep her going, which should make limiting caffeine during pregnancy a little easier. As for her beauty routine, if she follows her wedding prep, she'll be all about eco-friendly, nontoxic products to protect her and the baby.

However she decides to proceed with her pregnancy and motherhood, we'll be cheering her on—no one's experience is perfect (even royalty!), but we're all on this (mostly) mindful parenting journey together. To that end, we asked our collective of wellness moms to weigh in with their best advice. The overriding theme? You know yourself, your body, and your baby better than anyone. Cheers to a healthy pregnancy Meghan!

"Take care of yourself first, and don't be afraid to ask for help." —Tara Stiles

"One practical tip is that if you want your kid to like healthy food, start eating healthy food now. What you eat during pregnancy imprints tastes and preferences for your child. Most moms—perhaps even royal moms—need to learn how to rest and receive care in the postpartum period. And most importantly, pregnancy, labor, and really all of parenting is a practice of surrendering to forces beyond our control. Always do your best and then let go and surrender with grace to the current flowing deep beneath the surface of our lives." —Ellen Vora, M.D.

"You're going to get a TON of unsolicited 'helpful' advice along the way. Just smile, say, 'thank you,' then do whatever you and your partner decide is best for your family. It's nobody's business what you're eating in bed at 10 p.m. Not even the Queen's." —Melissa Hartwig

"Listen to your body. Sometimes it might tell you to slow down or indulge in a prenatal massage. And sometimes it will tell you that you need a bagel." —Colleen Wachob

"As a midwife for 25 years, and a medical doctor trained in obstetrics, I know how much advice pregnant women receive—a lot of it unsolicited, inaccurate, and anxiety-provoking. So my advice? Find a couple of women you trust, who have been through healthy pregnancies, and an experienced, warm midwife you enjoy talking with. Listen to their advice and tune everyone else out. Enjoy these upcoming months before baby comes, and don't be afraid to ask for help after baby comes. We all need help as new mommas, even royal mommas. Wish you joy and health." —Aviva Romm, M.D.

"Develop a mocktail to enjoy during your pregnancy. Take your time to come up with something delicious (I loved club soda with torn mint, a lime wedge, and grapefruit juice), and whenever you're feeling stressed or exhausted or you just need to relax, make your mocktail and pour it in a wineglass or fancy cocktail glass and enjoy." —Ali Maffucci

"Don't try to be a hero... When grandma offers to help, take it. When friends offer to bring food, take it. When your husband gives you a moment to go to the gym, take it. When the OB gives you a chance to get an epidural, take it. When the nurses take the baby so you can have a two-hour break, take it. When someone offers you a laxative after childbirth so you can actually poop, take it!" —Amy Shah, M.D.

 "We often put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect moms. But when the time comes, and the baby is here, try to remember that time spent with your babe doing anything—really anything—with love and presence, is the best thing.” —Robin Berzin, M.D.

"Outside advice (solicited or otherwise!) will come from every angle, but no one knows your baby better than you—let intuition guide you." —Alexandra Dawson

“Stay soft, be gentle on herself and remember that although she’s in the public eye, it’s ok for her to give herself the permission to cocoon and take space however she needs too.” — Erica Chidi Cohen

"As long as your baby/babies are safe, happy + loved, you’re doing a great job! everything else is extra credit." —Sophie Jaffe

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