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The 5 Best At-Home Infrared Saunas Based On Expert Insight, Research, And Testing

Carleigh Ferrante
Author: Medical reviewer:
May 02, 2024
Carleigh Ferrante
mbg Commerce Editor
By Carleigh Ferrante
mbg Commerce Editor
Carleigh Ferrante is the Commerce Editor at mindbodygreen.
Scott Nass, M.D., MPA, FAAFP, AAHIVS
Medical review by
Scott Nass, M.D., MPA, FAAFP, AAHIVS
Board-certified Family Physician
Scott Nass, M.D., MPA, FAAFP, AAHIVS is a family physician and HIV specialist in California. He takes a holistic approach to healthcare, incorporating principles of functional medicine and using food as medicine when working with patients.
best infrared saunas
Image by mbg creative
May 02, 2024
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A staple in spas, fitness centers, and longevity centers, infrared saunas are the best way to unlock the benefits of heat therapy without undergoing the often suffocating heat of traditional saunas.

By opting for infrared light—which penetrates your skin to heat your core from within—these saunas let you get the same perks—pain relief1enhanced muscle recovery2skin health3, and even improved cardiovascular function, to name a few, as their traditional counterparts at temperatures closer to 140 degrees Farenheit (rather than 180 degrees Farenheit).

Knowing the benefits of infrared saunas, it's understandable that more people want regular access to their own infrared sauna at home, but not all saunas are made equal.

We spoke with health experts to determine what makes the best infrared sauna—and then tested our top options to find what infrared saunas are worth the high price tag.

Our final selects are our favorite options on the market for those seeking a durable, easy-to-clean option with electromagnetic or EMF shielding capabilities. (The potential adverse effects of EMF are still being studied, but our picks minimize exposure out of caution). And yes, every one of these infrared saunas will make you sweat!

The best infrared saunas
Save 15% with code: MINDBODYGREEN
View on HigherDOSE | $7,500

HigherDOSE Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Best full-spectrum
Number Of people
2 or 3
Type Of light
Full spectrum
3-person: 71" x 48" x 77"; 2-person: 52" x 48" x 77"
Maximum heat
158 degrees
See all specs

From the moment we saw the HigherDOSE Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna’s wooden exterior and mahogany interior, we were impressed by its top-tier quality.

We love that this pick uses low EMF carbon heaters to raise your body temperature within minutes—and it comes with all the bells and whistles.

You can choose from a two or three person design, both of which have built-in chromotherapy, a bluetooth-compatible entertainment system, and a swivel iPad holder.

Infrared and full spectrum heaters on the back, side, and front walls (plus on the floo!) help evenly spread the heat throughout.

We love that this sauna is easy to clean (simply wipe down excess sweat with the brand's cleaner or your own), and that it comes with a 5-year warranty.

  • Chromotherapy
  • Built-in sound system, bluetooth connectivity and device holder/charger
  • Durable design
  • 2- and 3-person options
  • Remote can be finicky

What our testers say

Our commerce editor, Carleigh Ferrante, and our founder, Colleen Wachob, are big fans of the brand’s infrared sauna blanket, so it was only a matter of time before we tested the HigherDOSE Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna. 

According to our tester, Natalie Goldberg, this is the crème de la crème of at-home infrared saunas. She was “sweating profusely within minutes” during her first use, and particularly appreciated the speakers inside the sauna. 

Goldberg's favorite feature is the ability to choose the benefits you want to focus on, using the various light settings. She selected yellow for its skin-clearing benefits, which she noted really seemed to work on her dry skin. In fact, she loved it so much that she now visits the brand’s NYC studio for weekly sessions.

What science says

As a full spectrum infrared sauna, this sauna uses a combination of near-, mid-, and far-infrared heat to bolster its benefits. Research has linked far-infrared sauna use with faster muscle recovery after exercise, improved cardiovascular health, and decreased chronic pain.

Sunlighten Solo System

Best personal sauna
Number of people
Type of light
69" x 28" x 18"
Maximum heat
See all specs

Want to reap the benefits of infrared saunas but don’t have the space for an entire at-home unit?

Our testers chose this genius solo sauna system just for you. We love its five-zone design, which allows you to customize your experience and adjust the temperature for different areas of your body.

The Sunlighten dome utilizes five zone-based digital heaters and the pad contains four digital heaters. Each zone heats up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and can be adjusted based on your preferences.

What's more, this portable sauna offers chromotherapy, with 16 colors, four color-changing modes, and four brightness/intensity settings.

  • Five-zone heated design
  • Optional chromotherapy
  • Selected by functional medicine experts
  • Far-infrared light only

What our testers say

Our tester, Ciara Ciez, has been using the Sunlight sauna pod for about a year and a half at least once a week—and the biggest impacts have been reduced stress levels and decreased inflammation.

She loves having the option to multitask while using the sauna pod, but tends to take it as an opportunity to zone out and listen to a podcast or relaxing sounds.

A session in this sauna pod is like a more gentle detox than a workout, but still feels like you’re releasing toxins. We also love the chromotherapy aspect, particularly the anti-inflammatory blue light.

Tester tip: Make sure to properly cover the opening so the pod doesn’t lose heat.

What experts say

The Sunlighten Solo System portable sauna was recommended to mindbodygreen by Functional medicine expert Will Cole, D.C., IFMCP and is a longtime favorite of functional medicine doctor Mark Hyman, M.D. 

"I have found infrared saunas to be very effective in reducing the stress response and creating balance in the autonomic nervous system," Hyman says in his Sunlighten review.

"I have personally benefited from Sunlighten sauna therapy and feel it can be integrated into anyone's wellness plan."

These beds are "top of the line, super effective, and beautiful," Cole says. "Sunlighten saunas have been a great tool in the protocols I develop for [my patients] over the years," he adds.

And he's not the only one. Experts like Dave Asprey and Dr. Amy Meyers have given Sunlighten saunas their stamp of approval, too.

Save 15% with code: MINDBODYGREEN
View on Bon Charge

Bon Charge Infrared Sauna Blanket

Best blanket
PU Leather, cotton, waterproof PVC
Unfolded length
71 inches
None specified
1 year
See all specs

Our team has been singing the praises of infrared saunas for a long time now. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the space for an entire in-home unit. Our solve? The best infrared sauna blankets.

A great option for anyone limited on space, this Bon Charge Infrared Sauna Blanket heats up quicker than any other we’ve tried.

We love how easy this sauna blanket is to operate: You'll simply use the attached remote control to set the temperature and duration, then let the blanket work its magic.

While sauna blankets are inherently a bit heavy, this one does come with a carrying case that makes it easy to store (and much easier to transport than a full sauna).

  • Storage bag for easy transport
  • Heats up quickly
  • High maximum temperature (176 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Heavy

What our testers say

This blanket is the top pick of our commerce editor, Carleigh Ferrante, who says she doesn’t remember life before it.

She loves how easy it is to operate and notes that, while she doesn’t sweat easily, this blanket leaves her drenched.

After testing the Bon Charge Sauna Blanket for months, we’d recommend it to anyone who wants to dip their toe into the healing benefits of saunas, but doesn’t have the space for an entire unit in their home.

Where others leave something to be desired, this blanket makes our tester feel like she’s just released every last toxin.

Read our full Bon Charge Sauna Blanket review here.

What science & experts say

While infrared sauna blankets don’t fully envelope you in heat the way an infrared sauna does, they still offer similar benefits (e.g. reducing pain and improving cardiovascular health). 

By warming the body with infrared heat, sauna blankets promote a state of healthy stress (AKA hormesis) which triggers a cellular response that may improve stress management and slow down aging. 

What’s more, health experts such as Will Cole, D.C., IFMCP, and Dave Asprey have touted the benefits of infrared sauna blankets in their own well-being practices.

The best infrared saunas, per research & expert insight

We're committed to recommending the best possible products, and the below at-home infrared saunas are top picks based on extensive research and expert insight.

We're in the process of hunting them down to test out for ourselves, but feel confident keeping them on our list in the meantime.

SaunaSpace Luminati Infrared Sauna

Best portable
Heat source
Max temperature
120 degrees Fahrenheit
Return policy
100 days
See all specs

If you don't have the space to keep an infrared sauna set up permanently, this portable unit from SaunaSpace is an excellent option.

We picked this portable infrared sauna for its simple assembly (no tools required!) and customizable experience. It's wheelchair accessible and has four bulbs with four adjustable levels of intensity.

We love this sauna's packable design and the fact that it utilizes full-spectrum low-EMF infrared heat.

It's a great option for those who prioritize sustainability, as the sauna panel and stool are made with American basswood and the tent is made from hypoallergenic organic cotton.

The SaunaSpace Luminati Infrared Sauna comes with an infrared sauna panel, bamboo grounding mat, sauna stool, and canvas tent.

  • Portable & packable design
  • Machine-washable organic cotton cover
  • Sustainable materials
  • Some complains about stool not being comfortable

What science & experts say

This sauna brand comes recommended by holistic medicine doctor Leland Stillman, M.D. The four bulbs combine near-infrared light (which doesn't penetrate skin cells, emits the most heat, and support tissue repair) with far-infrared light (which penetrates skin cells to raise the body's surface temperature and support cardiovascular health).

We love that this design from Sun Home Saunas blocks all EMFs (frequencies below 300 hertz) and ELFs (extremely low frequency fields between 3 to 30 hertz) using patented EMF shield blocking technology.

The best part? The heaters warm up quickly and can go up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit to fully envelope your body in heat.

This pick is also available in two, three, or four person designs. All wood is eco-friendly and non-toxic, and the device requires no power tools for assembly.

There's built-in medical grade chromotherapy and a 24-hour timer to pre-program sauna sessions.

  • Low EMF
  • No tools required for setup
  • Can pre-program sauna sessions
  • Not full-spectrum

What science & experts say

While this option does not utilize full-spectrum technology, it does use far-infrared light, which is connected with benefits such as faster recovery in athletes.

Liam Murphy, M.D., a functional doctor at Melbourne Functional Medicine in Australia, previously told mindbodygreen, "Proponents of far-infrared saunas claim that the deep penetration of infrared light can aid in detoxification by promoting the release of toxins stored in fat cells.”

The brand also makes a full-spectrum infrared sauna, the Equinox, which starts at $7,000.

Comparing the best infrared saunas

ProductPriceNumber of peopleDimensionsMaximum heatFeatures
Sunlighten Solo System Personal SaunaVaries169" x 28" x 18"150°FChromotherapy; Foldable; Remote control
HigherDOSE Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna$75002 or 352" x 48" x 77"165 °FBluetooth speakers; Chromotherapy; Remote control; Seat
Bon Charge Infrared Sauna Blanket$699171" x 34"176 °FCarrying case; portable
SaunaSpace Luminati Infrared Sauna$5299138” x 40” x 78”165 °FBluetooth speakers; Chromotherapy; Remote control; Seat

How we tested & selected the best infrared saunas

Expert Insight

Our team did extensive research and spoke with many experts about the benefits of infrared saunas and how to pick the best infrared sauna. We used this insight to narrow down our selections before testing the saunas.


We spent months visiting spas, wellness practices, and fitness studios to test the best infrared saunas. Some team members even tested these saunas in their own home! We evaluated each based on effectiveness, design, features, maintenance, and overall experience.


Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from infrared light has been flagged by some consumer groups, so we opted for brands using low-EMF tech when possible.


Infrared saunas are an investment in your health and well-being, and we're dedicated to finding products that will stand the test of time. We focused on brands that are transparent about their product's materials and certifications.

Ready to purchase a sauna of your own? Price, features, warranty, and size are all important factors to keep in mind.

Benefits of an infrared sauna

According to psychiatrist and doctor of osteopathic medicine Roxanna Namavar, D.O., one major benefit of infrared saunas is that they're more tolerable to people sensitive to heat.

You can put the right amount of stress on your body to trigger hormesis, without feeling as hot as you would in a traditional sauna.

Hormesis is the concept that periodic stressors—like a session in an infrared light saunas—trigger a cellular response that may slow aging, help you manage future stress, and enhance overall health. In other words: It’s the good kind of stress.

"When we stress our hormones out a little bit, we get great results in the long term. It's a concept written extensively in medicine," functional medicine doctor and mindbodygreen Collective member Amy Shah, M.D., says. 

Exercise or intermittent fasting are two examples, Shah explains, noting that "saunas are another stressor with beneficial downstream effects." 

Some of those downstream benefits may include better sleep quality and improved energy.

And, though more research is needed to back up these claims, one small study found that participants experienced an increase in melatonin production4 and better sleep quality following infrared light therapy, leading to greater athletic endurance.


Potential benefits of infrared saunas include higher sleep quality, improved energy, enhanced performance, pain relief , and better recovery.

How do infrared saunas work?

Compared to traditional saunas, which use physical heat (wood or stones heated by fire, gas, or electricity) to raise the temperature, infrared saunas rely on infrared light.

Infrared light is invisible to the human eye and presents itself to humans through heat. In an infrared sauna, the wavelengths penetrate the skin3 and warm your core body temperature.

This allows infrared saunas to stay at a lower—and more comfortable—temperature than their traditional counterparts.

You'll only need to go to about 140 degrees Fahrenheit in an infrared sauna to warm your core temperature to the same level as a traditional sauna would at about 185 degrees Fahrenheit.


Infrared saunas work by using infrared lights to emit radiant heat, which is absorbed directly by the body. Unlike traditional saunas that heat the air around you, infrared saunas penetrate deeper into the skin.

How much does an infrared sauna cost?

If you're hoping to add an infrared saunas in your space, be prepared to pay a couple thousand dollars. The saunas on our list start at $699 for a sauna blanket and go up to nearly $7,500.

The average price for infrared saunas on our list is about $5,000.

One way to save money is by opting for a personal or portable infrared sauna.

These downsized versions won't take up as much space and tend to be almost half the cost of their counterparts. 

Another hack? Infrared saunas blankets. These tend to be less than $1,000 but still offer the same infrared technology—including low EMF options.

What is the best infrared sauna brand?

We've spent a lot of time researching and testing the best infrared sauna brands, and some of our favorites include Sun Home Saunas, Sunlighten, SaunaSpace, and HigherDOSE.

Ultimately, your desired features and budget will play the biggest role in the right infrared sauna brand for you. That said, we feel good about recommending the products offered by these trusted brands.

How to use an infrared sauna

There are a few things to keep in mind when starting your at-home infrared sauna practice.

Experts have given various recommendations for how to use an infrared sauna (including this science-backed guide). See below for a few tips to get you started.

  • Read the instructions for your particular machine carefully
  • Choose a temperature that works for you. If you aren't sure what this is, speak with your doctor to determine what's best.
  • You’ll be sweating out a ton of fluids, so it’s important to stay hydrated. Always drink a sufficient amount of water before and after using your sauna.
  • Go in with clean skin. Many people even like using a dry brush to exfoliate beforehand, which helps get your blood flowing, too.
  • Experts have recommended using a sauna after a workout, as it will help increase your blood flow and relax your muscles.
  • If you’re new to the practice start with shorter 10 to 20 minute sessions to help your body acclimate to the hot temperatures.
  • Find a time of day that's best for you, when you'll be able to relax and disconnect.


Which is better far infrared or full-spectrum sauna?

A far infrared sauna uses only far infrared heat. While there are many suggested benefits to far infrared heat on its own, full spectrum is better because it emits near, mid, and far infrared heat. HigherDOSE is our pick for the best full spectrum infrared sauna.

Which infrared sauna has the lowest EMF?

Electromagnetic fields are emitted by all technology, and it's one of the concerns tossed out by shoppers when comparing modern infrared saunas versus their traditional counterparts. 

We’ve chosen the Clearlight Sanctuary sauna as the best low-EMF option. The brand blocks all EMFs (frequencies below 300 hertz), as well as ELFs (between 3 and 30 hertz).

Are infrared saunas worth the money?

Many people who buy an infrared sauna see it as an investment in their longevity and health. If you’re still debating whether to purchase an infrared sauna, you should test one out at a local gym or sauna before buying—or try a more affordable alternative such as an infrared sauna blanket before making the commitment.

Are infrared saunas safe?

While more research is necessary to bolster the many potential benefits of saunas, Namavar says there are "no negative effects from utilizing infrared therapy,” based on current understanding.

"Studies have looked at the impact of infrared saunas on conditions such as high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, dementia/Alzheimer's disease, headache, type 2 diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis, and found evidence of benefit," Namavar adds.

The takeaway

Widely recommended by functional medicine experts, the best infrared saunas offer potential benefits such as improved sleep, enhanced endurance, and faster recovery.

If you're tight on space or are looking for a cheaper option, a blanket or portable sauna might be right for you—but if you're ready to go all out, we recommend the HigherDOSE Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna as the best infrared sauna overall.

Additional reporting by Abby Moore.

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