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All You Need To Know About The Lucky Charm Of The Houseplant World

As the story goes, this tree brings hope, prosperity, and good fortune.

#plants #feng shui
Carly Quellman
January 29 2021

The Best Way To Position Your Desk For Productivity, According To Feng Shui

Whether you're WFH or in the office, here's how to position it the feng shui way.

#feng shui
Sarah Regan
January 15 2021

The Subtle Energetic Reason To Switch Up The Stovetop Burner You Use

Feng shui is all about mindfully balancing the energy and elements within your home.

#feng shui #Green Cleaning
Sarah Regan
January 12 2021

I'm A Feng Shui Master & This Is How I'm Prepping My Home For An Abundant 2021

After the 2020 we've had, starting the new year with a clean slate feels even more meaningful.

#feng shui #energy #Journey #minimalism
Dana Claudat
December 21 2020

An Expert In Chinese Medicine Shares Her Top 9 Tips For Better Sleep

Different cultures have unique ways of addressing sleep issues.

#feng shui #sleep #Acupuncture

The Most Important Parts Of Your Home To Keep Clean, According To Feng Shui

Clean them first to keep that good energy flowing throughout your space.

#feng shui #minimalism
Marianne Gordon
October 20 2020

What Rooms Your Books Should Go In, According To Feng Shui

When it comes to the bedroom, not all reads are welcome.

#feng shui
Dana Claudat
August 10 2020

15 Lucky Houseplants According To Feng Shui & Where To Put Them

Different plants in different places can offer lots of benefits to you and your space.

#plants #feng shui
Sarah Regan
June 17 2020

How To Boost The Good Vibes In Your Kitchen, According To A Feng Shui Master

A few of a feng shui master's favorites.

#feng shui
Dana Claudat
May 13 2020

How To Make Your Outdoor Space More Peaceful, According To Feng Shui

Bring on the colorful plants!

#feng shui #plants
Sarah Regan
May 6 2020

How To Position Your Bed For Better Sleep, According To Feng Shui

Don't snooze on these energy-boosting tips.

#feng shui #energy
Sarah Regan
April 9 2020

How To Actually Enjoy Staying Home All The Time, From An Introvert

We can learn a lot from introverts, who get their energy from time alone.

#COVID-19 #friendship #feng shui
Perpetua Neo, DClinPsy
April 8 2020

A 5-Step Guide To Organizing Your Wallet The Feng Shui Way

While a wallet may seem small, it can be the start of a big transformation.

#Financial Wellness #feng shui
Dana Claudat
April 2 2020

4 Feng Shui Tips To Create A Workspace Anywhere In Your Home

It's time to settle into our work-from-home routine.

#COVID-19 #feng shui
Eliza Sullivan
March 23 2020

5 Tips For Arranging Your Home Workspace, According To Feng Shui

We're still adjusting to working from home; make sure your space isn't left behind.

#COVID-19 #feng shui
Eliza Sullivan
March 18 2020

Stuck In A Rut? These 6 Feng Shui Principles Can Unblock Creativity

Change your space, change your life.

#feng shui
Dana Claudat
March 4 2020

Feeling Overwhelmed? You Should Pay Attention To This Part Of Your Home

The space is integral to the energy of the home overall and, therefore, is powerful in helping regulate emotions.

#feng shui #anxiety
Eliza Sullivan
February 16 2020

How To Declutter Your Whole Life For More Joy, Ease & Creativity

For those times when looking at your schedule is a major downer.

#minimalism #stress #feng shui
Dana Claudat
January 28 2020

Too Many Books? Here Are 3 Questions To Help You Edit & A Brilliant Tip

It turns out there's more to storing books than just putting them on shelves.

#feng shui #Spring Cleaning
Eliza Sullivan
January 23 2020