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How You Should Declutter Your Home, According To Feng Shui

Why we should all start waking up our homes every morning, too.

#feng shui
Amanda Gibby Peters
April 18 2018

How To Make Your Small Space A Sanctuary

This is all the reasons you need to get up and dance!

#empowerment #feng shui #holistic home tour #joy
Jules Acree
April 4 2018

How To Use Feng Shui In Every Room At Home (Top Do's & Don'ts)

Feng shui is a simple way to boost the energy of your home.

#feng shui
Anjie Cho
February 28 2018

Office Feng Shui Tips To Maximize Your Productivity & Creativity

Plus, the best houseplants to attract abundance.

#feng shui
Dana Claudat
February 27 2018

Feng Shui For Your Bedroom: What To Do & What Not To Do

Learn to maximize feng shui so your bedroom can reach its full potential.

#feng shui
Marianne Gordon
February 10 2018

The One Room Where You Shouldn't Keep Tons Of Plants, According To Feng Shui

Could plants be causing your sleep issues?

#feng shui #plants
Emma Loewe
February 7 2018

Check Out A Feng Shui Designer's Blissed-Out NYC Apartment

You won't believe how much thought and detail went into her space.

#feng shui #holistic home tour
Emma Loewe
September 29 2017

The Feng Shui Rebalance You'll Want To Do At Home ASAP

If you walk in your front door and immediately feel stuck and unhappy, a quick rebalance may be just the fix.

#feng shui #feng shui tips #home #home designs
Marianne Gordon
September 28 2017

The Feng-Shui-Approved Way To Lighten Every Room In Your House

You'll want to make this feng shui MVP a staple.

#feng shui #feng shui tips #home #home designs
Amanda Gibby Peters
September 12 2017

Feng-Shui-Approved Tips For Filling Your Home With Loving Energy

Think fresh flowers, plenty of oils, and space to grow with someone.

#feng shui #minimalism
Gala Darling
September 6 2017

5 Common Things A Feng Shui Expert Doesn't Keep In Her Home

Hang your mirrors wisely.

#feng shui #home #home designs #toxins at home
Marianne Gordon
June 27 2017

How To Feng Shui Your Beauty Routine To Bring Love Into Your Life

Here are 7 feng shui tips to welcome love with a few tweaks to your beauty routine.

#feng shui #renew you 2017
Anjie Cho
May 20 2017

Think You Don't Have Time For Feng Shui? You Can Transform Your Home's Energy In 5 Minutes Or Less

You can tell they're working when you wake up refreshed, get things done, and feel a flow and rhythm at home.

#feng shui #feng shui tips #home
Amanda Gibby Peters
May 11 2017

Want To Manifest More Money? Make Sure You Have The Right Crystals

Quick rituals for cultivating all kinds of abundance.

#Money Monday #abundance #crystals #feng shui #money
Lindsay Kellner
April 24 2017

How Feng Shui Can Supercharge Your Love Life

4. Think of the master bedroom as a 3-D vision board.

#feng shui #feng shui tips #love
Tanya Jahnke
February 18 2017

The Essential Elements Of A Productive Workspace (According To A Feng Shui Healer)

A few simple tweaks are all it takes.

#declutter #feng shui #home designs #productivity #renew you 2017
Anjie Cho
January 30 2017

How To Organize Your Life Using The 9 Principles Of Feng Shui

Let the guas lead the way this year.

#affirmations #feng shui #feng shui tips #manifestation #personal growth
Marianne Gordon
January 29 2017

How Feng Shui Can Make The Bathroom The Best Room In Your House

A proper feng shui bathroom encourages both purification and renewal and is a wonderful place to release what is unwanted in your life.

#beauty #feng shui #renew you 2017
Anjie Cho
January 17 2017