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The One Room This Feng Shui Expert Doesn't Want You Working Out In

We checked in with a feng shui expert about how our home workouts may be affecting our space.

#feng shui #hiit #sleep
Eliza Sullivan
January 21 2020

The Bedroom Colors That'll Help You Fall Sleep, According To Feng Shui

Sweet dreams are made of these.

#feng shui #sleep
Emma Loewe
January 18 2020

Struggle In The Morning? Make Sure This Simple Task Is Part Of Your Routine

This simple morning ritual can help boost the rest of your day, big time.

#sleep #feng shui
Eliza Sullivan
January 16 2020

4 Minimalist-Approved Tips For Organizing & Arranging Your Makeup

We consulted them on the best ways to organize your growing mountain of products.

#skin care #minimalism #feng shui
Jamie Schneider
December 15 2019

How Feng Shui Can Help You Keep Clutter Out Of Your Home — For Good

Make that Kondo session go the distance.

#minimalism #feng shui
Dana Claudat
July 27 2019

An Expert Feng Shui'd My Desk & My Productivity Is Thanking Me For It

Here's what she changed about it.

#feng shui #minimalism
Emma Loewe
July 22 2019

Is The Stuff Under Your Bed Ruining Your High-Vibe Bedroom?

Here's what feng shui experts have to say.

#feng shui #minimalism
Emma Loewe
May 29 2019

A Holistic Interior Designer Shares Her Top 3 Home Must-Haves

And yes, crystals made the list.

#feng shui #environmentalism #crystals
Laurence Carr
May 28 2019

5 Feng Shui Tweaks To Make A Small Space Feel Way Bigger

Apartment dwellers, this one's for you.

#feng shui #minimalism
Emma Loewe
May 21 2019

If You're Going To Redesign One Part Of Your Home, Make It This One

It's the last thing you see before you go to bed and the first thing you see when you wake up.

#affirmations #plants #sleep #feng shui
Emma Loewe
May 16 2019

Plants Are Super Powerful In Feng Shui — Here Are 5 Reasons Why

As if you needed another excuse to get that monstera you've been eyeing.

#plants #feng shui
Dana Claudat
May 9 2019

6 Things That Really Don't Belong In Your House, According To Feng Shui

We're guilty of having at least three.

#feng shui
Emma Loewe
February 28 2019

Don't Know Where To Start Tidying? This Is The Most Important Room To Declutter

Rome wasn't built in a day, and your minimalist sanctuary probably won't be either.

#minimalism #feng shui
Emma Loewe
February 26 2019

We're Obsessed With These 7 Earth-Friendly Feng Shui Tweaks

No. 4 is so important in the age of Kondo.

#feng shui #minimalism #plants
Dana Claudat
February 22 2019

How To Give Your Home A Feng Shui Makeover — In One Day

Hint: It's all about your storage.

#feng shui #feng shui tips
Marianne Gordon
January 2 2019

These Bedroom Decor Ideas Are All Feng Shui–Approved

PSA: The bedroom is not a place for books.

#feng shui
Patricia Lohan
August 28 2018

Feng Shui Says These 5 Things Are The Key To A Calming Home

Diagnose your sick home and save it, STAT.

#feng shui
Maureen K. Calamia
June 2 2018

7 Feng Shui–Approved Ways To Detox Your Bedroom

These quick changes will support your body, mind, and spirit.

#feng shui
Dana Claudat
May 29 2018