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The Most Important Parts Of Your Home To Keep Clean, According To Feng Shui

Marianne Gordon
Certified Feng Shui Consultant By Marianne Gordon
Certified Feng Shui Consultant
Marianne Gordon is a certified feng shui consultant from the Western School of Feng Shui. She has been learning about feng shui for more than 20 years and practices, teaches, and writes about feng shui on her website Feng Shui With Me.
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Want to clean up a bit but short on time? In feng shui, these zones have the biggest impact on the overall energy and feel of your space. Clean and declutter them first, before moving on to the rest of the home:

1. The front door

A home attracts its energy, or chi, through the front door. That's why this area is probably the most important spot to get right in feng shui. The more clean, vibrant, and welcoming the front door, the better the quality of the chi for residents.

I decided to paint mine a bright orange color in order to attract vibrant energy (bonus, this color never looks dirty or aged), but you can decorate your door according to the element that corresponds to the gua it's in. (Here's an introduction to bagua maps if they're new to you, and this resource will show you which gua your front door is located in.)

Lighting should be bright enough so that your porch or front door stand out. Make sure your house number is very visible from the street or, if you live in an apartment, visible from the hallway. Treat "chi" like a guest who is searching their way to your home. 


2. The entryway

A decluttered front entrance is important, too. In feng shui, we call the entryway and the front door "the mouth of chi." Similar to how we take in breath through our nostrils and airways, we receive life force energy through the mouth of Chi—so it's essential to keep that area clean! There's an old Chinese tradition to sweep your entryway daily with a broom. These days, using your favorite vacuum works too.

Even if your front door opens straight into the living area and you don't have a designated entryway, I'd still recommend creating a space that retains the energy of the door and prevents it from entering your home too fast. A low bookshelf, an area rug, or a round console table with flowers on it can help establish this area.

The entryway gives a taste for the rest of the house, so make sure it flows well and gives guests a sense of where they are expected to go.  

3. The stove

In feng shui, the kitchen can be compared to the heart of the home, as it's where a home's warmth comes from. A kitchen should not feel cold or have a "cutting" energy. It should be cozy and inviting.

Within the kitchen, the stove is an appliance that requires daily attention. Since it's a symbol of prosperity, it needs to be spotless. So if you're using your stove daily (which is also recommended in feng shui since cooking and sharing meals with family and friends attracts abundance), it's important to clean it after use—even if it's just a quick wipe down. 

4. Windows and mirrors

Your home's mirrors and windows represent clarity of mind and prosperity, so they should be kept clean and clear too. Wipe them down every couple of days or at least every week if you have kids and/or pets, or live in a dusty or rainy area.

I know it can be a pain, but the satisfaction that comes with cleaning a window or mirror is just sublime. In my experience, doing so provides the brain with a quick burst of dopamine. It's basically a healthier version of getting likes on Instagram.


5. The center of the home

Finally, the condition of the center of the home affects whether or not your chi gets harmoniously distributed through the rest of the space. Vacuum and tidy up this area daily. No clutter is allowed in the center, as it gets in the way of chi and keeps it from providing harmonious energy to the different guas.  

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