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Stuck In A Rut? Feng Shui Can Help You Rediscover Passion & Creativity

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March 4, 2020

Not all of us have jobs or passions that fall into a classically "creative" category, but you don't need to be a writer, singer, or painter to know when your creativity is humming and when it feels blocked.

Creative energy feels like free-flowing energy. Creative blocks, on the other hand, feel like frustration, resistance, and a a general lack of enthusiasm. I've also noticed that when people feel creatively blocked, clutter tends to pile up in their homes. Here are some quick strategies for dialing up creative energy with the help of feng shui principles:

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1. Clear your space.

Energetically clear the space in your home by burning sage or other dried herbs, lighting incense, playing soothing music, or lighting a candle with the intention that it will help to move any stuck energy. Something as fundamental as a big decluttering session can also help inspire a creative awakening.

2. Surround yourself with inspiration (no pressure attached).

As Julia Cameron says, it's essential to "fill the well" of creativity in your life. These days, it's common to be so overwhelmed with things to do, information to read, and people to care for that you start to feel drained and uninspired. If you're running on empty and need to spark some new ideas, I'd recommend taking time to revel in inspiration without any pressure attached. Visit museums or art galleries, see concerts, spend time in nature taking long walks to clear your mind, read books, stay off the phone and computer, cook good food, see your most inspiring loved ones.

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3. Make sure your bedroom promotes a good night's sleep.

If you've been feeling creatively drained, consider it a sign that it's time to fluff up your quilt, make your bed with fresh sheets, and get to sleep as early as possible. If you've been having trouble sleeping, the most basic and effective feng shui tweak for the bedroom is to declutter the area around and under your bed and remove electronics (or shut them off if removing them is not possible).

4. Introduce more water into your routine.

Water is thought to bring a lot of momentum in feng shui, as it's the element that kick-starts the creative cycle of all things. Drinking more water can be a powerful habit shift. You might also want to explore the possibility of a tabletop fountain on your desk to feel the calm of moving water as you work. Turning on a small fan or opening windows can also be good for getting the air (another important element in feng shui) flowing around your desk. 

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5. Set things in motion.

Energy in motion is a lot more magnetic than energy that's sitting in one place. If you're feeling stuck at your desk, see if you can lift your monitor so you can alternate between sitting and standing at work. You can also get a timer (or use your phone) and set it for 40 minutes as you start working. Stand, stretch, and take a break when the buzzer rings.

There's a classic feng shui tip that I like because it always feels like a fun game when I'm procrastinating: Move 27 objects, big or small, around in the room you're in. That might mean organizing a drawer, filing 27 pieces of paper, or just re-curating objects on a shelf. There's no wrong way to do it, and sometimes I don't even get to 27 before I feel way more energized.

6. Keep up with your practice.

Keeping up with a daily practice—whether it's sketching, painting, doodling, making pottery, etc.—can help get your creative energy flowing. As your energy starts to flow more freely, you may also find more smart decisions, motivation, fun, and fulfillment waiting on the other side.

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Dana Claudat
Dana Claudat

Dana Claudat is a modern Feng Shui Master and founder of The School Of Intention Feng Shui Certification Program. In the last 15 years Claudat has pioneered her own approach to Feng Shui that is rooted in infinite possibility, creativity and empowerment. Rather than hope for lucky results and outcomes, she helps her clients to create them every day.

She’s a Stanford-educated art historian with more than a decade of experience in design yet her approach to space is simple. Claudat is a longtime mindbodygreen contributor and instructor (she may have had a hand in the hundreds of plants in mindbodygreen headquarters!), and her work has been featured in design and lifestyle publications around the world.

You can work with her from wherever you are in the world in her online Feng Shui Camps and through her Online Feng Shui Consultations.

You can sign up for her weekly Feng Shui Rituals, including rituals for every New and Full Moon, right here!

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