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Do You Know The Meaning Of May's Unique Birthstone? Experts Explain

It's a stone of good fortune and more.

Sarah Regan
May 11 2022

Your Guide To The Luckiest Crystal Of All & How To Use It Wisely

We've got ritual ideas galore.

#crystals #chakras
Sarah Regan
April 29 2022

The One Crystal You Need To Enhance Communication & Intuition

Not to be confused with lapis lazuli.

#crystals #energy
Sarah Regan
April 24 2022

The One Crystal Your Collection Is Missing For Grounding & Protection

Crystal experts say it's a must for your collection.

#crystals #energy
Sarah Regan
March 12 2022

Born In March? Here's The Backstory On Your Birthstone

March babies, here's what to know about aquamarine.

Sarah Regan
March 10 2022

The One Crystal To Add To Your Collection For Self-Love & Protection

Your intro to the striking, vibrant green beauty.

#crystals #energy
Sarah Regan
March 9 2022

The One Thing Missing From Your Spiritual Toolbox For Supercharged Confidence

It's great for focus and clarity, too.

#crystals #confidence #empowerment
Sarah Regan
February 12 2022

The One Crystal You Need To Boost Creativity (& Sex Drive) + How To Use It

It's as beautiful as it is versatile.

#crystals #chakras
Sarah Regan
January 27 2022

9 Unique Ways To Use Clear Quartz On Your Spiritual Journey

This stone can both deflect negativity and attract positivity.

#crystals #chakras #empowerment #manifesting
Sarah Regan
January 24 2022

What The Pink Moon Is All About & How To Work With Its Energy

Hint: It's not actually pink.

#full moon #crystals
Sarah Regan
January 14 2022

Your Comprehensive Guide To The 12 Birthstones & What They Really Mean

We dug for the answers so you don't have to.

Sarah Regan
December 31 2021

The Calming, Colorful Crystal Your Spiritual Toolkit Is Missing

Its nickname is "Genius Stone."

Sarah Regan
December 24 2021

I'm An Interior Designer & Yogi: How To Create A Calmer, Cozier Home This Winter

It's all about throwing a little magic in.

#holiday #crystals
Emma Loewe
December 17 2021

13 Rituals To Help You Make The Most Of Every Full Moon Night

The full moon is the perfect time to power up your rituals.

#full moon #Tarot #crystals #manifesting
Sarah Regan
November 18 2021

Get Into The Spooky Spirit With These 7 Spells & Rituals For Halloween

From tarot spreads to candle meditations, this is a great day to give a new ritual a whirl.

#Tarot #crystals #holiday
Sarah Regan
October 31 2021

This Spiritual Instrument Can Raise Your Vibration On Demand: How To Play It

Meet singing bowls.

#crystals #empowerment #stress
Sarah Regan
October 19 2021

This Is The Best Crystal For Clearing Your Energy Field + How To Use It

There's a reason this crystal is such a fan favorite.

#crystals #energy
Sarah Regan
October 14 2021

How To Cleanse Your Tarot Deck (To Get The Most Accurate Readings)

With every reading, your favorite deck can hold on to old energy.

#Tarot #energy #crystals
Sarah Regan
September 15 2021