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The Celeb-Approved Crystals Your Life Is Missing

What do Gwyneth and Adele have in common? Their crystal collections, of course.

Emma Mildon
May 24 2017

This Energy-Shifting Beauty Elixir Makes You Zen & Glowy

Amethyst is known as the master stone, a crystal renowned for healing and skin-soothing benefits.

Debra Haugen
April 24 2017

The Only 6 Tools You Need To Manifest Some Serious Magic

Mysticism isn't always about asking and receiving—it's more about staying centered, grounded, and open.

Erica Feldmann
April 18 2017

These DIY Sprays Are Good Vibes In A Bottle

Let's be honest: It's impossible not to create magic when crystals, aromatherapy, herbs and flowers are involved.

Emma Mildon
April 12 2017

What Is Crystal Bed Therapy + How Does It Work?

Take your crystal obsession to the next level.

Kalisa Augustine
April 8 2017

Crystals Not Doing Anything For You? This Could Be Why

Feeling stuck? It might be time to give those sparklies of yours a good cleanse.

Emma Mildon
April 4 2017

3 Crystal Rituals For Sexiness, Radiance & Confidence

To enhance your sexiness, throw out those old notions on sex appeal, and focus your beauty routine inward with crystals for sexiness, radiance and...

Heather Askinosie
March 27 2017

The Crystal Rituals That Will Amplify Your Astrological Potential This March

Aquamarine and bloodstone are your best friends this month.

Heather Askinosie
March 5 2017

Here's How To Make Your Jewelry As Powerful As Any Crystal

A hand-me-down ring, that necklace you got from your significant other, or even a simple piece of yarn worn around your wrist can be just as...

Danyelle Simone
March 3 2017

How To Use Crystals To Get Closer To Your Partner

How to use crystals to get intimate.

Heather Askinosie
February 12 2017