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A Holistic Interior Designer Shares Her Top 3 Home Must-Haves

And yes, crystals made the list.

#feng shui #environmentalism #crystals
Laurence Carr
May 28 2019

Not Sure What To Do With Your Crystals? Try These 6 Simple Rituals

This beginner's guide to crystals will get you started.

Lisa Butterworth
March 26 2019

5 Ways To Make Your Spiritual Practices More Sustainable

At the end of the day, going within requires only you.

#environmentalism #crystals #essential oils
Christine Dimmick
March 17 2019

The Spiritual Principle That Makes The Kondo Method So Effective

For Kondo, cleaning is a meditative practice.

#minimalism #crystals #meditation
Emma Loewe
January 15 2019

How To Protect Your Energy From Draining Family Members During The Holidays

Breathe in, breathe out.

#holiday #energy #holidays #meditation #breath
Emma Loewe
December 23 2018

I Tried To Do A Self-Care Ritual For 100 Nights Straight. Here's How It Went Down

I'll never think of "self-care" the same way.

#crystals #essential oils #breath
Emma Loewe
October 12 2018

The Simple Self-Care Tool That Will Help You Fully Embrace The Fall

Fall in love with fall

#Traditional Chinese Medicine #breath #crystals
Emma Loewe
September 29 2018

This Family's Earthy Home Is Filled With The Most Beautiful Crystals We Ever Did See

Here's how to recreate the look.

#crystals #holistic home tour
Emma Loewe
September 27 2018

A Crystal Ritual For People Who Don't Believe In Crystal Rituals

Just in time for the fall equinox.

#breath #crystals
Emma Loewe
September 20 2018

The 5 Crystals Every Momma Needs In Her Life

Just in time for Mother's Day.

#crystals #motherhood
Satya Scainetti
May 11 2018

Chakra Meditation: Balancing Your 7 Chakras

Here are a few balancing techniques that spiritual sages swear by.

#breath #crystals #essential oils
Emma Loewe
January 16 2018

A Crystal's Shape Matters Too. Here's Everything You Need To Know

Looking for some stability? Go for the grounding essence of a cube.

Heather Askinosie
November 6 2017

How To Boost Your Home's Energy, According To Miranda Kerr's Spiritual Healer

And why pine needles are the new sage.

Emma Loewe
October 28 2017

Consider This Moon Manifestation Your New Go-To Ritual

Straight from the crystal gurus behind Energy Muse.

Heather Askinosie
October 17 2017

How To Make A Promise To Mama Earth Using Crystals

Stones for any activist-in-training.

#crystals #environmentalism
Heather Askinosie
October 12 2017

The Best Crystal For Every Personality Type

Are you more of an onyx or rose quartz?

#crystals #spirituality
Emma Mildon
August 16 2017

Give Your Entire House An Energy Makeover With These Crystals

Check out how this crystal guru puts her gemstone collection to work at home.

Heather Askinosie
July 4 2017

Your Birthstone Is The Ultimate Good Luck Charm. Here’s How To Make It Work For You

Your birthstone is more than just a beautiful symbol of when you entered the world.

Nisonja McGary
June 20 2017

The 3 Crystals Every Yogi Should Have (And Exactly How To Use 'Em)

The one thing your practice is missing.

#crystals #yoga
Sarah Coxon
June 1 2017