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Soak In Loving Energy With This Crystal-Infused Bath Ritual

This love formula has us seriously intrigued.

#crystals #spirituality
Heather Askinosie
April 8 2017

What Is Crystal Bed Therapy + How Does It Work? A Practitioner Explains

Take your crystal obsession to the next level.

#crystals #detox #wellness
Kalisa Augustine
April 8 2017

The Crystal Rituals That Will Amplify Your Astrological Potential This April (5 Retrogrades & All)

Hold tight to your crystals, because we're in for five planetary retrogrades this month.

#astrology #crystals #spirituality
Heather Askinosie
April 7 2017

3 Crystal Rituals For Sexiness, Radiance & Confidence

To enhance your sexiness, throw out those old notions on sex appeal, and focus your beauty routine inward with crystals for sexiness, radiance and...

#confidence #crystals #mind body connection #sex
Heather Askinosie
March 27 2017

Take Your Self-Care Up A Notch With These Healing Bath Infusions

Epsom salt + essential oils + candles + crystals + affirmations = bliss.

#crystals #essential oils #holistic healing #self-care

The Crystal Rituals That Will Amplify Your Astrological Potential This February

While this is a challenging time for many of us, it's also one that celebrates love and togetherness. T

#astrology #crystals
Heather Askinosie
February 3 2017

5 Healing, High-Vibe Crystals To Welcome The Chinese New Year

The sun is on the horizon, and a new day is calling. With your crew of crystal allies, you are ready to take on all the opportunities that the Year of...

#crystals #energy
Heather Askinosie
January 28 2017

Why Geodes Are The Next Wave Of High-Vibe Living

As natural elements go, geodes are a striking and potent way to incorporate nature into your home.

#crystals #mind body connection #nature
Emma Loewe
January 26 2017

Gem Masks, Jade Rolling + Adaptogenic Beauty Dusts For Sparkly Skin

Crystal face masks and beauty dusts for your most radiant skin ever.

#beauty #crystals #self-care
Heather Askinosie
January 16 2017

The High-Vibe Skin Care Ritual Your Face Will Love

Adding gemstones to your steams creates a water that is highly charged with the properties of the gemstone—giving your skin and lungs and blood a...

#crystals #green beauty
Debra Haugen
January 11 2017

Wear Them, Display Them, Hold Them. How To Use Crystals Every Damn Day

I don' know about you, but carrying a 10-pound hunk of amethyst with me every day isn't exactly feasible.

#crystals #infertility #spirituality
Laura Ellis
January 7 2017

7 Bedroom Essentials To Guarantee Your Best Sleep Ever

Turn your bedroom into a cozy sanctuary and get your deepest night of rest with these top sleep essentials, including healing crystals, purifying...

#crystals #journaling #peace #relaxation #sleep
December 12 2016

The 6 Crystals Every Woman Needs In Her Magical Repertoire

Six crystals every empowered woman needs.

Heather Askinosie
December 2 2016

How To Harness The Power Of Tonight's Moon To Cleanse Your Crystals

The moon is like the fairy godmother of crystal cleaning, and its bright lunar energy serves to cleanse them of all lingering negativity.

#astrology #crystals #holistic healing #manifestation
Emma Mildon
November 14 2016

How To Use Crystals For Better Sleep + 4 To Get Started With

Here are a few good-vibe stones to keep beside your bed or under your pillow for extra peaceful ZzzzZzzzzs.

#crystals #sleep
Laura Ellis
November 6 2016

The Spiritual Secret Weapon That Will Enhance Your Sex Life

It's 50 shades of quartz.

#crystals #energy #libido #chakras
Emma Mildon
May 16 2016

How To Clear, Activate & Store Your Crystals

Simple, cost-effective ways to clear and energize your gemstones.

Christy Lynn Abram
August 13 2014

14 Crystals You Should Keep Around For A Quick Mood Boost

A high-vibe crystal tool kit that's great for beginners.

Heather Askinosie
June 6 2014

15 Practical Ways To Raise Your Positive Vibrations

A self-care laundry list for the next time you're feeling down.

#joy #energy #chakras #crystals #plants
Lily Silverton
February 23 2013