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What Is Crystal Bed Therapy + How Does It Work? A Practitioner Explains

Kalisa Augustine
Updated on March 11, 2020
Kalisa Augustine
By Kalisa Augustine
mbg Contributor
Kalisa Augistine is a a holistic health practitioner focused on energy healing and soul coaching based in Los Angeles.
March 11, 2020

Already a believer in the power of crystals? Crystal bed therapy is a multisensory, meditative experience that takes crystal energy to the next level.

Crystal bed therapy? What's that?

Crystal bed therapy typically involves spending at least an hour lying on a bed that rests under a giant copper pyramid suspended in the air and a chromotherapy machine, which uses crystals to filter spectrums of light onto the crown chakra. Each color is thought to target a specific meridian, or energy center, in the body. Depending on the practitioner, your session might also involve some element of sound healing, visualization, or meditation.

When I facilitate sessions, I'll start by talking with a client about the energetic blockages they are facing before starting the chromotherapy machine. As my clients are lying on a table, I'll play seven crystal sound healing bowls that align with each of the seven chakras and gently guide them through a visual meditation. The sound bowls are attuned to 432 hertz, which is considered a healing frequency1.

There is an altar of crystals next to the bed, but other than that, the space is pretty minimalist since I think it's important to keep things clear during this work. A sense of spaciousness is helpful for healing.

What does crystal bed therapy help with?

As human beings on this Earth, we're always absorbing energy from other people and the world around us. When we are weighed down energetically, our flow is blocked and life can become stagnant. So far, this is the most powerful tool I've discovered to break through negative energy and help people feel physically, mentally, and spiritually clear. Other benefits I've seen my clients enjoy include better creative flow, more mental clarity, and less stress.

Though I often work with people going through physical or emotional hardship and deep transitions, you don't have to be going through a hard time to benefit from crystal bed therapy. Many turn to my work for a cosmic reboot or to raise their positive vibrations. I would recommend regular energy clearings on the crystal light bed every four to six weeks. Clearing your energy is like taking a shower or taking your car in for a tuneup: Regular maintenance is required to hold on to those higher vibrational states.

Who's ready for some crystal-clear energy?

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Kalisa Augustine

Kalisa Augistine is a a holistic health practitioner focused on energy healing and soul coaching based in Los Angeles. She uses spiritual technology and quantum alchemy to detoxify and purify the electromagnetic field with therapies like chromo-therapy, crystal bowl sound healing, and therapeutic grade crystal healing. She has been featured in Vogue, WMag, The New York Times, Marie Claire, and more.